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Barnstone Art for Kids provides programs to children in need of healing at no cost to the family. Barnstone Art for Kids is funded through the generosity of individual donors with. Gertrude Barnstone was born in Houston, Texas on September 5, 1925. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Rice University in 1945 and also studied art at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and Stanford University Art Department.

The Barnstone Art Education Project continues to offer the same highly structured, disciplined training Myron Barnstone so successfully shared with thousands of students. People can choose from the recorded classes Myron himself taught; various workshops offered by distinguished Barnstone Studios alumni, or one-on-one art education training with Barnstone Master Guides.

Barnstone Artist

As a youth, after he outgrew regional art schools, Barnstone set his sights on the prestigious Oxford University Ruskin School of Art in England. Even there, he grew disappointed that few of the professors offered real instruction in the finer points of drawing, but rather just commented on what students were creating. Even after establishing himself as a serious artist with multiple successful exhibits throughout Europe, Barnstone felt drawn to abandon his own career as an artist to bring back the fundamentals of learning to draw well in his own studio in Coplay, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.
The art community recognizes Barnstone as one of the leaders in restoring classical art training into contemporary classes. He taught students how to recognize and emulate techniques used by classical masters by having them analyze iconic works.

Alumnus Juliette Aristides

One of Barnstone’s alumni, Juliette Aristides, is the Founder and Director of the Aristides Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, Washington. She teaches workshops internationally, and is the author of six best-selling books about classical drawing and painting. She shares her memories of learning from Myron in the March-April 2020 issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine:

“Meeting Myron changed the trajectory of my life. I was a teenager studying at a small college in Pennsylvania, where arts education was little more than how to glue elbow macaroni onto paper plates. Visiting Barnstone Studios showed me a world I had sensed existed, but had never seen. Drawing was taught as a language, and Myron was ferociously passionate about his subject. The lessons I learned from my year there have stayed with me. I now run an atelier in Seattle where each new student watches Myron Barnstone’s Beginning Drawing Course. Myron continues to influence the next generation through his videos, and he lives on as a voice of excellence in the minds of those lucky enough to know him.”



An introduction to drawing, the secret geometry the masters learned, figure drawing, palette control and color theory — learn it all from the master himself. Barnstone recorded his classes to make them accessible to all who desired to learn how to draw well. Choose a download, monthly subscription or DVD back-up.

Barnstone Art

Barnstone Art For Kids

Master Guides

Get personalized, one-on-one instruction from a distinguished Barnstone Studios alumnus. Choose the guide who has mastered the specific skills you desire to develop — drawing, painting, industrial design, sculpting or photography.

Each Barnstone Master Guide meets the following criteria:

  • Studied directly with master art instructor Myron Barnstone
  • Utilizes the principles of the Barnstone Method in their own work
  • Has taught and mentored others in the Barnstone Method
  • Is eager to share the secrets of design the classical masters used


Download free “cheat sheets,” as Barnstone jokingly called his class handouts, to enhance your learning experience as you study his course videos. Also access a detailed “Recommended Reading” list to help you further develop your artistic ability.

Myron’s Blog

Barnstone Art

Convert azw3 to epub. Enjoy reading about Myron’s life from his own oral recollections and emails that have been transcribed into “Wednesdays with Myron.”

Art Supplies

Get the rundown on the specific supplies students need, and where to purchase them.