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What is the best video editing software for Mac?
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If you are an advanced video editor with a Mac, Final Cut Pro X is the best program for you. This program has a selection of smart features and a clean, intelligent interface that will enable you to create Hollywood-level videos from your desktop. Paying the one-time cost of $300 will give you access to all of its features forever. For advice on the hardware side of things, see Best Mac for video editing. Best Mac video editors. Program for mac that cancels out sounds like. DaVinci Resolve 17 - Best overall. As evidenced by the product's impressive showreel. There’s support for voice-recorder to add your own voice, built-in sound effects and more. It is one of the best Mac video editing software that comes by default on most Apple products. Price: Free Download. This Wondershare Mac video editor software has a simple drag and drop interface with over 800 effects and 4K resolution.

The best video editing software for Mac is Camtasia. Not only is it compatible with Mac OS, it also offers a complete video editing toolset that can help you scale and fine-tune your video footages. It also has a rich selection of effects, transitions, themes, and templates to help expedite the process of video editing. Last but not least, it comes with unique features for the creation of eLearning materials.

What should you look for in video editing software for Mac? That is a question you may ask when looking for an application to edit your videos. But the better question is–where do you plan to use your videos? The answer can help you choose, as some solutions are simpler than others, allowing for the quick creation of professional-quality presentation or tutorial videos. Other platforms are the more advanced types, with an array of high-tech tools suitable for use by commercial video/film producers and editors.

You’ll be surprised at the diverse range of video editing software for Mac in the market today. If you research all of them, you’ll need to take a few days of leave from work. Don’t worry; we have done the heavy lifting for you and came up with a lineup of the 12 best video editing software for Mac. These best video editing tools are either intuitive to casual users or powerful for pros, while some are scalable so that they can be used by both types of users. We also highlight the key features of each software to make it easier to compare them.

What are the best 12 video editing software solutions for Mac?

Employees prefer Mac for work because it increases productivity, a survey found. Also, workers believe that Mac computers boosted their creativity and collaboration. What’s more, they say that Mac enables them to be self-sufficient.

Workers choose Mac for better productivity

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Since workers across a broad stream of departments prefer to use Mac, it is a natural course for software vendors like video editing software companies and developers to take their product right at Mac’s doorstep. As one of the 100 million Mac and MacBook users worldwide, you’re on the right track upping the ante of your video quality (our apologies, PC users), not just with the right machine, but with any of the software on our list. If your requirement is not Mac-specific, you can read our 20 best video editing tools for more options.

12 Best Video Editing Software for Mac

1. Camtasia

Camtasia is both a video editing software and a screen recording solution. Because it incorporates the two, users can create content that integrates video captured from cameras and screen records. Moreover, the platform is equipped with features that optimize the creation of eLearning materials such as quizzes and surveys that can be embedded in your videos. This is especially beneficial to educators or users who produce tutorial videos. Mac users can also look forward to Camtasia running smoothly on their machines. It can operate without trouble even when video editors only meet the minimum specifications.

If you are interested in checking what Camtasia has to offer, the software has a free trial. When that period expires, you need to sign up for a license, which starts at $249.99. This can already unlock the full feature set of Camtasia. But if you prefer an all-around solution, you can look at digital asset management software instead.

  • Screen recording with audio
  • Video templates
  • Music and audio library

2. InVideo

InVideo is ideal for brands, publishers, and marketing agencies that need an affordable and easy-to-use video editing platform. The software is known for its wide selection of video templates that are suited for various promotional content, such as Facebook videos, invitation videos, campaigns, and even real estate ads. You can then customize these templates, add additional scenes, text, and audio, and repurpose them for different channels.

Moreover, InVideo comes with powerful video editing features to help you create attention-grabbing videos in a breeze. It includes basic features found in most video editing software, such as scene trimming, resizing, transitions, animations, and audio, as well as an automated speech-to-text option. Plus, you can use different text styles to keep your viewers hooked and engaged with your promotional videos.

  • Extensive media library
  • User-friendly features
  • Fun, engaging stickers and text style options

3. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is an easy-to-use powerful video editor for both Windows and Mac users. It is packed with features that allow users to make their home video, presentation, or indie film look professional. Movavi Video Editor includes presets for filters, adding titles, transitions, and ready-made intros. Also, the platform is really easy to use. For people who have experience using video editing software, they can just jump right in and do work using Movavi.

There are two main versions of Movavi Video Editor for Mac and PC.

First is the basic Movavi Video Editor 2020 targeted at beginners. It has all the basic features including some built-in intros, backgrounds, music, and sounds. It also has a few filters and transitions available. The edition is great for hobbyists creating home videos for family and friends. And, it is free.

Secondly, the Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020, is packed with more features for advanced video editing. It is perfect for prosumers and professionals whose jobs require them to create fast and engaging video presentations. Additional Plus features include a media bin for quick access of project files, adjustable filter intensity, and keyframe animation of video stickers and titles among others. Moreover, it trumps the basic version when it comes to the complexity of editing allowed. This is because unlike the basic edition that only allows six tracks on the Timeline, the Plus version allows 99. The Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 is priced at $59.95.

There are also other Movavi offerings like the Movavi Video Suite 2020 which comes with a series of nifty video features like an editor, converter, and screen recorder, among others.

  • Automatic video creator for a quick and easy content fix
  • Fast processing of HD and 4K videos
  • Built-in intros, backgrounds, videos, sound, and music

4. Final Cut Pro

Next on our list of 12 best video editing software for Mac is Final Cut Pro. It is Apple’s premier professional video editing software for macOS users. The application is built to tap into the robust processing core, graphics card, and VRAM that power the latest Mac machines. With the software harnessing multi-core and multi-thread hardware capabilities of Macs, together with a huge set of cutting-edge editing tools, the result is smooth and accelerated post-production work from start to finish.

Final Cut Pro gives you the ability to import, share, and edit videos from a variety of cameras and devices with support for multiple formats. It has numerous tools for editing and timeline, trimming, effects, audio enhancement, color correction, closed captions, multimedia management, and project workflow. It can handle VR headset playback and 360-degree video editing, as well as HDR and ProResRAW sources. The software allows you to integrate dozens of third-party tools, devices, content, and plug-ins to give you an extendable platform.

The software is a standalone, on-premise solution priced at $299 (one-time payment). While it is locally deployed, the software allows you to upload, organize, and download files from online storage and stock media sites for project collaboration and sharing. It is designed for iMac and MacBook computers with macOS 10.13.6 or later versions of the operating system.

  • Advanced tools for video/audio editing, motion graphics, and delivery
  • Built on 64-bit architecture for handling complex projects and effects
  • Extendable workflow via integration with dozens of external tools

5. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software for professionals and enthusiasts. Its claim of being “a cut above the rest” has an element of truth about it. That’s because it has become a popular tool for filmmakers, videographers, TV editors, and YouTube content creators. It has evolved into an industry-standard not only in video editing but also in workflow automation and media asset management. It supports all kinds of cameras, all types of formats, and any platform, including Mac and PC. This would make an excellent platform to use in conjunction with content marketing software, which could assist you in reaching out to your audience.

From its extensive R&D and the suggestions of its horde of users, Adobe Premiere Pro is a continually improving product with new features rolled out for every new release. It offers a new Freeform view for organizing and viewing storyboard and media files; rulers and guides for the precise layout of clips, text, and graphics; auto-Ducking for adding ambient sounds into your audio mix; faster mask tracking; and a dozen other enhancements on audio and video.

Of course, all the other features Adobe Premiere is known for are still there, including precise color grading, motion graphics, and animation, instant audio improvement, and integration with hundreds of partner technologies. The software also works seamlessly with its sibling Adobe products like After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, InDesign, and others. The software is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which means it is accessible online from any connected device. It has several packages for business, students, and schools. For individuals, the plan is pegged at $29.99/month or $239.88/year.

  • Established industry leader
  • Multi-platform, multi-format, compatibility
  • Regular roll out or updates and new features

6. Videobolt PRO

Videobolt PRO is a cloud-based video editing platform. It has an easy-to-use interface that allows both novice and seasoned editors to create professional-level videos. Its intuitive interface allows users to quickly create videos for daily social media posts, seasonal marketing campaigns, and even personal video greetings. Its main video editing features include customizable templates designed by professional animators, a project management module, and a media library. Moreover, because of being completely web-based, you can keep your computer free of video rendering load. Your video is rendered on Videobolt’s onsite servers. No expensive hardware investment and maintenance required.

Even though the platform is cloud-based, users don’t even feel any interface delays as they work on their projects. There are different modules that help users create different types of videos faster as well. There are modules for Facebook and Instagram stories, music visualization, logo intros, and product promos among others. Just click on which type of video you need and multiple template options will appear. Choose the best fit and customize it to match your brand.

Best Mac Product For Video Editing

There are many professionally-designed templates available especially for business. You can use Videobolt PRO for video campaigns in a wide array of industries. There are templates for gaming campaigns, e-commerce advertising, and even for musicians, labels, and producers. It has a useful music visualization module that allows you to create eye-grabbing visualizations synced with your music. Videobolt PRO pricing starts at $267 monthly billed annually at $3200.

  • Easy and powerful cloud rendering to keep your machine free for other activities.
  • Built-in easy-to-use templates for various business needs like video intros, Instagram stories, and music visualization.
  • The pro version allows for team-level access so the right people can collaborate on the right issues for your video campaign materials.

7. VideoPad

VideoPad is a video editing platform created by NCH Software for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Designed with freelancers, small enterprises, and mid-sized businesses in mind, this platform comes equipped with an extensive set of easy-to-use editing features. From color correcting and video cropping to video transition application and speed adjustments, VideoPad can provide you with all the tools you require. With this at your disposal, you can easily create professional-looking videos for your business.

One of the things that make VideoPad great is that it has a lower learning curve than most professional editing software. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface and straightforward usability, allowing novice users to edit their videos as well as experiment with a wide range of effects, transitions, and other visual elements. It even comes with its own audio-editing tools so you can reduce noise from videos, add sound effects, as well as mix your own musical scores directly on the platform.

These aside, it also comes with advanced functionalities that can provide flexibility for more advanced video editing professionals. These include 3D editing, 360-degree video editing, green screen support, and video stabilization. Last but not least, VideoPad has native integrations with YouTube and Vimeo, making it simpler and faster for users to upload their work on social media.

  • 3D and 360-degree video editing support as well as HD resolution options.
  • Advanced video editing features on a drag-and-drop interface for faster post-production processes.
  • Built-in audio editing tools such as multitrack mixing, narration recording, and sound effect application .

8. BeeCut

BeeCut is a simple video editing solution designed to help SMEs make professional videos with no hassle. Equipped with a WYSIWYG video editor and ready-to-use video transitions, creative masks, and filters, this platform can simplify and expedite the editing process without compromising the quality of output. It not only allows you to trim, cut, and split videos; it also supports the addition of custom video intros, the creation of multiple timeline layers, as well as background audio editing. As such, it will allow you to fine-tune your video however you prefer.

The mentioned features aside, BeeCut also has other features such as speech-to-text conversion, video stabilization, mobile editing, and picture-in-picture video support to further reinforce video editing efforts. It also supports a variety of media types to help you use whatever elements you want for your videos. Last but not least, as it can support multiple aspect ratios, BeeCut will allow you to produce video content for different publishing channels.

  • Beginner-friendly WYSIWYG editor with an extensive media library.
  • Seamless video optimization through stabilization and multiple video aspect ratio support
  • Easy mobile video editing through native Android and iOS applications.

9. Moovly

This web-based video editing platform is ideal for beginners as it offers users with ready-made templates, royalty-free media objects, and a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface for creating video projects. With Moovly, users can easily customize their videos by adding visual effects and transitions, looping segments, adding overlay audio tracks, adding subtitles, and more. Other features inclue tools for splitting and/or trimming videos, resizing, rotating, cropping, adjusting the audio and playback speed, and enabling text-to-speech functionality.

Moovly also encourages collaboration among users through its user groups feature, which allows users to create groups, manage member subscriptions, and provide access to common libraries where they can have access to various media content. Sharing the videos created in Moovly is also easy as they are all ready for publishing and sharing in popular video streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

  • It offers ready-made templates.
  • It has a library of royalty-free media content.
  • User-friendly interface.

10. Lumen5

Lumen5 is a video editing platform with powerful features to help users create videos in minutes. Through its text-to-video capabilities, Lumen5 transforms articles and blog posts into videos, automatically populating storyboards with content. Assisted by AI technology, the system dynamically determines scene length and optimizes text positioning. Additionally, through natural language processing, important keywords are highlighted. Users also have the option to further automate their video marketing workflow by using RSS feeds to automatically create videos every day.

Users can also create videos from scratch using Lumen5’s built-in templates, which include templates for YouTube, Instagram stories, and social ads. Color themes, font choices, logos, and watermarks can be further customized to ensure that videos reflect company branding. A searchable media library also gives users access to milliions of free video clips, still images, and audio files.


Try out Lumen5 with their free trial

  • AI-powered technology automatically populates storyboards with content and determines scene length and text positioning.
  • Automatic video creation from RSS feeds.
  • Customizable color themes, font choices, logos, and watermarks.

11. StoryXpress

StoryXpress offers a comprehensive set of features to help users create engaging videos from screen and webcam recordings. The software offers three recording modes—FaceCam + Screen Recording, Screen Only, and Cam Only—for users’ convenience and provides annotation and editing tools. This way, users can highlight key elements onscreen and add text if needed. Video editing features such as Trim, Crop, and Blur also ensure that video outputs appear polished and professional.

Moreover, the platform is designed to support video marketing and e-commerce efforts. Users can create videos simply by uploading images and highlight key product features using pointers. Users can also add custom CTAs including buttons, forms, and banners to every video they create.

The platform also allows users to upload videos in full HD resolution, whether to webpages, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Each video can be tracked through UTM tags, making it easier to keep an eye on metrics such as views, average watch time, and play rate.


Try out StoryXpress with their free trial

  • Three recording modes to suit video creators’ different needs.
  • Advanced annotation and video editing tools for professional-looking videos.
  • Video analytics and performance tracking through UTM tags.


A cloud-based video production and editing service, aims to assist small and medium businesses to create videos that catch audiences’ eyes. It is a timely service to marketers in any industry, as it allows them to push the enterprise using one of the most popular and effective platforms of the day. Doing the task is seamless as has a sufficient set of tools that enable users to design videos that meet their brand specifications and quality standards.

Best Mac Product For Video Editing Proofreading is not all about tools, though. If you are lacking content for your marketing videos, then you do not have to look far. The platform has a creative center where users can find more than 23 million premium video clips in high definition. There are also royalty-free audio available as well as costless stock photos that you can adapt to your liking. With the vast collection, making videos becomes an effortless task.

Best Mac For Editing Photos

  • Cloud-accessible video editing tool
  • Creative hub with millions of video and audio clips and stock photos
  • Support for any format of video, such as for social media sites, blogs, and websites

Use Free Trials to Find the Best Video Editing Software for You

Reading up on a video editing software and watching demos and tutorials may not be enough. For you to find which application works best for you, you need to have hands-on experience with a platform. But subscribing to each program on your shortlist could be unnecessarily expensive. Fortunately, vendors now offer free trials of their products. You can take advantage of these to test drive tools and features.

Speaking of finances, it is an easy choice to go for the most expensive video editing software from a well-known developer. This is because you can be sure it packs a punch, feature-wise. It may not be suitable for your budget, though. Still, there are other solutions on the list that could serve as an alternative to your first choice. With those, you have the powerful tools you need that will still enable you to create the best videos.

What Is the Best Mac for Video Editing?

Macs are known for their ability to handle multimedia projects, such as photo and video production, without having to install separate software. However, with access to third-party editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, Mac users are able to edit their projects to the highest degree.

Best Mac For Video Editing

Whether its an influencer editing a video for their YouTube channel, or a professional video editor putting together a short film, finding the best fitting computer is an important part of the creative process. The user can’t find the perfect computer unless they know what they want. Listed below are the variables to take into consideration when trying to find a Mac that is most compatible for the user.


Whether it’s editing, organizing, or posting videos, being able to have an accessible and compact computer with optimal storage is important. Mac took these needs into consideration and designed products that complemented the needs of their consumers on the go. Regardless of whether mobility is essential for your projects, it always pays to keep close tabs on your storage and keep harddrives free of old, unnecessary files — or back up things you need to keep and free local storage for works in progress. Combining a portable video editing station with a file-cleaning application like CleanMyMac X will help keep your machine running smooth on the go.

MacBook Pro

Starting at $1,299 the MacBook Pro takes performance and portability to a new level. The high-performance processors, memory, and advanced graphics make the MacBook Pro an ideal portable work station for those who edit feature-length material or similarly complex projects and need a reliable laptop to accommodate their busy lifestyle. The MacBook Pro comes with:

  • 4-, 9-, and 18-core Intel processors;
  • Up to 32GB of memory for running multiple apps;
  • Retina display with True Tone technology;
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID, allowing users to flip between programs, giving them more control over their productivity.

Users have their choice of a 13-inch (3lbs) or 15-inch (4lbs) model, both allowing them to utilize a large screen to better impact their editing, without having to carry around the extra weight. The MacBook Pro also gives users the ability to create shortcuts that are saved to the control strip, which increases the work pace.

MacBook Air

Weighing only 2.75 lbs and being 15.6mm thin, the MacBook Air is the lightest of its kind, making it the best for portability. Aside from it being perfect packing size, the compact laptop comes in three colors — space gray, gold, and silver — and is created from 100% recycled aluminum, making it the “greenest” Mac to date. Starting at $1,099, the MacBook Air has:

Video Editing For Mac Free

  • 13.3-inch high-resolution retina display;
  • True Tone technology;
  • Touch ID for better security;
  • Force Touch trackpad;
  • Up to 16GB memory;
  • Eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor;
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life.

The MacBook Pro is user-friendly with easy to operate programs, allowing you to do things like edit videos with iMovie, designed for easy sharing and uploading. With a lower price point and compact size, the MacBook Pro might be ideal for social media influencers or anyone else beginning a career in video editing.


Even though laptops are wonderful for everyday use, professionals sometimes prefer to use desktop computers for larger video editing projects. The more memory a computer has, the better it can perform, which is a key component of high-end video production editing. And just like with all computers, it’s important to perform maintenance on your MacBook to ensure it’s running at full capacity.

iMac Pro

The iMac Pro is an all-in-one that was designed to turn the biggest ideas into the greatest works. One of the benefits of the iMac Pro is that it can handle multiple video and audio editing programs at once — an important feature for professional editors. The iMac Pro features:

  • 8-,10-,14-,or 18-core Xeon processor;
  • Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz, meaning that you can render images, edit up to 8K video, manipulate photos, and create real-time audio effects much faster than before;
  • Up to 42MB cache;
  • 8GB or 16GB high bandwidth memory;
  • 3D rendering and special effects support.

The computer has four channels of memory that can now accommodate up to 256GB. This means that video editors can create multiple test environments for cross-platform development, all while keeping multiple apps open at the same time.

The iMac Pro starts at $4,999 and goes up from there depending on features and options. However, that much memory, graphic quality, and video editing abilities, makes it worth every penny.

Mac Pro

As of Fall 2019, the Mac Pro boasts the best performance and expansion yet. This computer is specifically designed with maximum performance in mind. The Mac Pro will have:

  • Up to 140GB/s memory bandwidth;
  • Six-channel memory system;
  • 28-core processor.

Similar to the iMac Pro, the Mac Pro will have the capability to execute tasks like animating 3D film assets, compositing 8K scenes, and building lifelike gaming environments while running other applications without worry. Video editing can be quick to take up storage space with back-ups, old projects, extra programs, and applications. Therefore, users may need help keeping on top of drive management and eliminate junk files by making sure to digitally clean up Mac. For that, there is a good cleaner app called CleanMyMac X, which cleans up all system junk files just in several clicks. Here is how it works.

  1. Download CleanMyMac X for free and launch it
  2. Select System Junk tab
  3. Click Scan, and then Clean.


Price shouldn’t be the determining factor when setting yourself up for success. Even though some of the best Macs for video editing are costly, there are also options that are less pricey that still will allow video editors to work successfully.


Much like the iMac Pro, the original iMac allows for speed and high-end performance — except at half the cost. The iMac is an all-in-one that comes in a 21.5-inch Retina 4K or 27-inch Retina 5K display, allowing 1 billion colors to be shown off with more precision. This makes it an ideal computer for video editors since it has a similar power at half the cost of higher-end models. Starting at $1,099 the iMac has a 4-,6-, and 8-core processor with turbo speeds up to 5.0GHz. The iMac also has:

  • Four USB 3.0 ports;
  • Ultrafast three-stream Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology;
  • Built-in apps such as Safari, Siri, Facetime, and more.

Mac Mini

Starting at $799, the Mac Mini is a new eighth-generation 4- and 6-core processor with up to 64GB of memory. The Mac Mini has the same connectivity as the iMac and also can run many programs at once. The Apple T2 security chip consolidates several controllers into one. It includes room for an ethernet cord, HDMI 2.0, and has two USB 3.0 ports. It boasts high-performance memory and can connect to more SSD memory quickly to save multiple program and project files.

Mac Alternatives

Unless you’re a professional, spending money on a laptop or desktop computer isn’t always necessary in order to make successful video edits. Other Mac products such as the ones listed below are an alternative not only for video editing but for your wallet as well.

iPhone 11 Pro

With a retail value starting at $999, the newest iPhone 11 Pro has a triple camera system that adds more capability to the phone, without it being too complex. To name a few features of the iPhone:

Best Mac Product For Video Editing

  • Ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto camera;
  • 4K video with extended dynamic range and cinematic video stabilization;
  • Real-time processing;
  • Audio zoom;
  • Smart HDR;
  • 458 pixels per inch;
  • Ability to charge up to 50% in about 30 minutes with fast charge.

The beneficial qualities of this cell phone allow the user to create and edit YouTube videos all in the palm of their hand. This Mac product would be most ideal for influencers or video amateurs.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the perfect product for the social media influencer that wants a small Mac product that’s still big enough to make edits and visualize the final product with a clear image. Being one of the less expensive Mac products, the iPad Pro starts at just $799 for their 11-inch display. The iPad Pro also includes 4K video recording and can capture 7-megapixel photos along with a portrait mode and auto image stabilization. There is an Apple pencil that comes with the iPad Pro, allowing the user to have more control over brainstorming and editing.

No matter the level of video editing expertise, there is a Mac product that is perfect for each user’s needs. Knowing the difference between each product and being aware is just as important as the video-editing process itself. Take advantage of CleanMyMac X to keep your video editing machine running at full speed.