Cocospy App Download For Android

Modern parents face modern concerns, especially with teenagers who are increasingly exposed to the use of mobile technology. They need current and reliable tools to address these needs without limitations or prohibitions on the use of everyday technology.

What is Cocospy?

Cocospy is a monitoring software, mainly conceived to provide a modern and user-friendly tool for parents and employers to control their children’s or employees’ devices.

This application allows the visualization of information from all the controlled devices through an easy to use remote control panel with various options.

Here you can utilize that URL to download Cocospy. Cocospy is legal as you are using it for the sake of your kid’s benefit while checking his or her online activities, or to your employees, so they could work with concentration. It is an innovative parental control app for Android and iPhone. This app also works for tracking Whatsapp messages as well as media files existing in the archives of these platforms. Check the call logs. If you use the Cocospy app to track a target. Android App (Game) - Cocospy app download Is always available to download on absolutely for Free! To install Cocospy app download on your device you should do some easy things on your phone or any other android device.

Is it legal to use it?
The use of this type of software is legal for the monitoring of underage children, as well as the control and surveillance of devices belonging to a company that are used by its employees, it is of utmost importance to emphasize that before its implementation, advice should be given by a professional in the matter; the express consent of the employees should be obtained to avoid incurring in legal complications.

Features and Functions of Cocospy

  • Call Tracker
    Cocospy allows detailed access to all call activity, both received and made, phone number, duration, date and time as well as the full name under which it was registered on the device.
  • Message Logging
    This function allows real-time control of messages, both sent and received, providing complementary information about those messages such as date and time, access to all multimedia files contained in them and full access to the contact information of the senders and recipients.
  • Location Tracking
    Cocospy allows you to easily locate a device and have complete information regarding the Wi-Fi connections of the monitored device to have information about nearby locations where it has connected, accurate GPS information as well as the time and date history of the locations where the device was found.
  • Geo-fencing alerts
    Geo-fences allow for the pre-configuration of areas or locations that you consider dangerous or unacceptable to visit or leave. When your Cocospy-controlled mobile device enters a defined geo-fence area or exits a predefined area, you will be alerted to this event in real time. Each device can have different geofences configured and you will be able to access a detailed history of when each device entered or left these controlled areas.
  • Facebook Messaging Tracking
    This feature allows you to have details of the private and group conversations of different Facebook users that are related to the Cocospy-controlled device and the media files shared in those messages. You also have access to the profile pictures of the people you are communicating with.
  • Whatsapp Control
    Know the detail of the conversations in individual and group whatsapp with details of the telephone numbers of those who are contacted with date and time. It also allows you to monitor the photos sent and received by whatsapp.
  • Snapchat Control
    Snapchat is a very dynamic application with the feature that the application can delete the pictures after 10 seconds when they were taken. Cocospy records and allows you to monitor all the pictures taken with this application even if they are no longer available in Snapchat, thus giving you a complete detail of all the pictures exchanged, the messages sent, received and with whom they communicate, in which date and time the people monitored do it.
  • Instagram Control
    Completely monitor all activity in this social networking application, review all sent and received messages, control shared links and view exchanged media files.
  • Viber Control
    Cocospy allows you to control all the messages made in Viber with date and time, the pictures and videos sent through the cell phone camera. It also allows you to access call recordings, names, and phone numbers of Viber contacts.
  • Hidden Mode
    Control the desired device stealthily with the stealth mode in order to hide Cocospay from the user of the controlled device. This way, the cell phone user will not know that Cocospy is collecting all the necessary information in the background to be remotely monitored through the control panel. It will also not be shown in the list of installed applications.
  • Browsing history
    This function allows you to have information about all the websites that have been visited as well as the date and time of the visit. This way you can know which sites, how often and at what times they are visited.
  • SIM card tracking and control
    Control the change of SIM cards of the controlled device to prevent the surveillance from being violated. This allows you to know precisely where the SIM card is located. Control the changes made to the card. This allows you to check all changes made to a mobile device.

How does Cocospy work?

Cocospy is an application that works stealthily on the cell phone or device where it was installed, collecting information in the background of all actions performed on that device, and then displaying in a useful and orderly manner all this information collected through a control panel that can be accessed remotely from any web browser with the corresponding user data.
Cocospy is compatible with all Android devices with version 4.0 or higher and iOS devices.

You should not worry about your Android version because version 4.0 was released in 2011, so a modern device is highly likely to have a higher version than necessary to easily meet this requirement

Is Rooting or jailbreak necessary?

Cocospy explicitly states that it is not necessary to perform the rooting process on Android devices, nor is the Jailbreak process necessary on iOS devices such as Iphones in order to use Cocospy. However, there are some points to consider.

First of all, for those who are not aware of these concepts: rooting is the procedure that some users of cell phones or other Android devices perform to access the root file system in order to make customizations and modifications to the operating system that in its traditional form are not allowed.

Similarly, Jailbreak is done to Iphone phones or other iOS devices in order to remove the restrictions imposed by Apple on the use of their devices.

On Cocospy’s official website, it is indicated that cell phones and other devices that use iOS and have the Jailbreak done will have access to more detailed technical information.

How to install Cocospy on Android

To install Cocospy on any device with Android 4.0 or higher, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register at Cocospy’s official website: Go to the official developer website ( and register. Registration is completely free and only requires a valid email and password.

Step 2: Download the application from the Internet: Cocospy can be downloaded as an apk or through a link sent to the control target cell phone.

An Android APK or an Android Package is a file type that allows the installation of software on Android operating systems.
Another option is to send a link to the target mobile phone to execute the link on the phone, allowing it to download the Cocospy application directly.
Step 3: Preparation for Cocospy installation: To install the application you have previously downloaded you must configure your cell phone by giving the operating system permission to install third-party applications. To do this go to Configuration-> General -> Security-> Activate “unknown sources”.

Cocospy android spy app

Then go to Google Settings -> Security -> Google Play Protect -> uncheck “Search for security threats on device” and “Improve detection of harmful apps”.

Step 4: Install Cocospy: With the cell phone under control, download the application to the cell phone. The download link can be found in the installation wizard.

When the download process is complete, you can find the APK installation file in the notification window or in the “downloads” folder of the phone. Select INSTALL and then OPEN to start Cocospy.

Step 5:Djay for windows free download. Login with user data: When you start the application for the first time you will be required to read and accept the privacy policy and the end user license agreement.

Step 6: Complete the configuration wizard: Proceed with the steps that will guide you through the initial configuration of the application. As a last step you will be able to choose the option to hide the application by enabling the hide mode so that it will not be detected by the device user, and the application will also not be shown in the list of installed applications on the device.

You will be able to evoke the hidden application by typing **001**

Step 7: Enter the remote control panel: From any web browser or other mobile device enter the control panel with your user data to access all the functions offered by Cocospy.

The first time you log in to the control panel you will have to wait a few minutes for the synchronization of all data collected from it or devices that have been configured to be monitored.

It is important to mention that the monitored device must be turned on and connected to the Internet either via a Wi-Fi connection or via mobile data.

How to install Cocospy on Iphone?

Cocospy free trial

Step 1: Register at Cocospy’s official website: Go to the developer’s official website ( and register. Registration is completely free and only requires a valid email and password.

Step 2: Configure the application with the iPhone wizard: Cocospy does not require the installation of any application for iOS-enabled devices such as iPhones.

With the purchase of a Cocospy license you will receive an email with a link that will direct you to the control panel, which when you first log in will be led by an iCloud based configuration wizard.

Step 3: Enter iCloud data : Enter the iCloud account data corresponding to the device to be monitored, i.e. iCloud ID and password.

Also make sure that the destination cell phone has it:

The backup option in iCloud activated
The double factor of authentication off
Step 4: Select the target device: After entering the correct data above you can select the device you want to control from all those associated with the current iCloud account

Step 5: Finish the configuration: After completing the previous step you will be informed that the installation has been successfully completed.

Select “Start” to begin using Cocospy to monitor the selected device.

To start using Cocospy you must access the remote control panel from any device such as a web browser from any computer, an Android device such as a cell phone or tablet, or any iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone, so you can check all the information on the monitored device in real time.

Cocospy App Download For Android

If you already have a Cocospy account click here –

How much does Cocospy cost?

Cocospy is a subscription-based application and offers different options for different types of users.

There are three subscription plans: Basic, Family and Premium or Business with options in monthly, quarterly or annual payments with the possibility of paying by PayPal or credit card.

Being your values for Android

  • Basic Plan: $49.99/Monthly, $149.99/Quarterly and $599.99/Year
  • Premium Plan: $69.99/Month, $209.99/Quarterly and $839.99/Year
  • Family Plan ( 3 devices): $89.99/Month, $269.99/Quarterly and $999.99/Annual

The values of the plans for iOS:

  • Premium Plan: $79.99/Monthly, $239.99/Quarterly and $959.99/Year
  • Family Plan ( 5 devices): $199.99/Monthly, $599.99/Quarterly and $2399.99/Annual
  • Business Plan ( 25 devices): $699.99/Month, $1999.99/Quarterly and $3999.99/Annual

There are important discounts in the different plans, here we invite you to visit the current promotions.

Trial Version
Currently there is no possibility of a trial version that can be installed on the personal device to make a personal experience of the application. But Cocospy can be viewed in a demo version on the official site to test how the control panel looks like, both for an Android device and an iOS device.

Cocospy offers 24/7/365 customer service.

The company emphasizes ease of use and installation as well as ensuring 100% virus-free application.

Cocospy For Windows

Pros and Cons
Cocospy is one of the options on the current market for this type of software, here is a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of this application:


Cocospy App Download For Android Windows 10

  • Wide range of subscription plans
  • Extensive iOS and Android support
  • Permanent consumer assistance
  • Easy installation
  • Control of multiple devices in a single control panel
  • Friendly and complete control panel
  • Stealth mode


  • No trial version is offered for testing on one’s own device
  • Some applications require rooting
  • Some social networking applications require Jailbreak


Cocospy is a modern application, oriented to the control and supervision of cell phones and mobile devices with wide compatibility that presents interesting features along with a number of functions that can be of great help to many people; in this article we provide you with the necessary information to understand the generalities, uses and characteristics of this software so that you can make a better decision.