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God Of War III is an activity experience game created by Santa Monica Studio and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE). Discharged for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) support on March 16, 2010, the game is the fifth portion in the God of War arrangement, the seventh sequentially, and the spin-off of 2007’s God of War II. Inexactly dependent on Greek folklore, the game is set in old Greece with retaliation as its focal theme.

God of war 3 game file download for android

God Of War 3 Video Game Overview: The legendary, the forever awaited God OF War 3 free download is finally for PC users to play easily. God of War 3 ISO PPSSPP pc game setup free download As many who know the tales of the God of War apk+data know, Kratos, after being deceived into killing his wife and daughter, denounced his service to Ares. God of War 3 PC Download Game is a direct link for windows and torrent GOG.Ocean of games God of War 3 igg games com is an awesome game free to play.Play this awesome game for free and share this website with your friends.

The player controls the hero and previous God of War Kratos, after his double-crossing because of his dad Zeus, King of the Olympian divine beings. Reigniting the Great War, Kratos rises Mount Olympus until he is deserted by the Titan Gaia. Guided by Athena’s soul, Kratos fights beasts, divine beings, and Titans in a quest for Pandora, without whom he can’t mess everything up, rout Zeus, and end the rule of the Olympian divine beings.

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The interactivity is like past portions, concentrating on combo-based battle with the player’s primary weapon—the Blades of Exile—and optional weapons gained during the game. It utilizes speedy time occasions, where the player demonstrations in a planned arrangement to crush solid adversaries and supervisors. The player can utilize something like four otherworldly assaults and a force upgrading capacity as elective battle alternatives, and the game highlights puzzles and platforming components. Contrasted and past portions, God of War III offers a patched up enchantment framework, more adversaries, new camera points, and downloadable substance.

God Of War III was widely praised upon discharge, with a commentator from IGN expressing that it rethinks “scale” in computer games. It has been lauded for its designs, especially of Kratos, which IGN called “maybe the absolute most amazing glancing character ever in computer games”. The game got a few honors, including “Most Anticipated Game of 2010” and “Best PS3 Game” at the 2009 and 2010 Spike Video Game Awards, individually, and the “Masterful Achievement” grant at the 2011 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Video Game Awards.

The subsequent top of the line game in the God of War arrangement and the ninth top-rated PlayStation 3 round ever, it sold almost 5.2 million duplicates worldwide by June 2012 and was remembered for the God of War Saga discharged for PlayStation 3 on August 28, 2012. In festivity of the God of War establishment’s tenth commemoration, a remastered adaptation of God of War III, titled God of War III Remastered, was discharged on the PlayStation 4 on July 14, 2015.

God Of War 3 Gameplay

God of War III is an activity experience game with hack and slice components. It is a third-individual single-player computer game. Similarly, as with past portions, the player controls the character Kratos from a fixed-camera point of view in combo-based battle, platforming, and puzzle games. The adversaries are an arrangement of Greek legendary animals, including centaurs, nags, figments, cyclopes, satyrs, minotaurs, Sirens, Cerberus, and Gorgons. The player should likewise ascend dividers and stepping stools, hop across abysses, and swing on ropes to continue through the game.

The riddles included change in trouble: a few riddles just expect articles to be put in a particular position, while some require timing and accuracy, for example, a riddle with mechanics like Guitar Hero. Notwithstanding discovering Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers of the past games, Minotaur Horns are another thing to be found. Where the eyes and plumes increment the player’s wellbeing and enchantment meters, the horns increment the things meter, which permits further utilization of optional weapons, called “Things”.

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1. Click on the “Download” button.
2. Open the Installer, Click Next, and choose the directory where to Install.
3. Let it Download in your specified directory.
4. Open the Apk and Enjoy.


Get God Of War 3 Pc Download Full Version Free Game Below. It is 2020 Updated full setup of God Of War 3 Pc Game. If in case you didn’t get the download link or the version is not updated so kindly leave a comment below!

God Of War 3 PC Download Full Version Free Game

God of War is one of the premier franchises that PlayStation has. The original game was a huge hit for the PlayStation 2. Today, we are taking a look at the PS3 version of God of War which was given a nice HD coat of paint to make it look even better and bloodier than before.


I Am Kratos

I have to say that Kratos is one of my all-time favorite video game characters and his saga is one of the most epic I have ever had the pleasure to experience in a video game. Kratos is a spartan warrior who makes a deal with the God Ares so that he can destroy his enemies. Kratos is tricked, ends up killing his own wife and child and must serve Ares. As you would expect this does not go down well and it results in Kratos waging war not just on Ares, but the rest of the Gods and the whole of Olympus. It is very well done and the story even now has a real epic and important feel to it.

Kratos Looks More Bloody Than Usual

The HD remaster of the original God of War that we are looking at here looks great. It was already a good-looking game on the PlayStation 2. This PlayStation 2 version has sharpened up those visuals and smoothed many of the edges. It is still a very impressive looking game and once you have experienced this version it can be quite hard to go back and play the original PS2 version of the game.

The environments in this game are amazing and it is all set in ancient Greece, but the way you go from area to area and each one has its own style is quite amazing stuff. It makes for some very memorable moments and you will encounter all kinds of iconic Greek gods and characters.

Blades of Chaos

The gameplay of the God of War series is something that I really do enjoy. Kratos is an absolute beast when it comes to combat. Your main form of attack is his Blades of Chaos and these are a lot of fun to use. Through the game, you learn many new abilities such as being able to use the dead, a medusa head and even throwing lightning bolts. The combat is far more varied than people give it credit for and everything that you have at your disposal can be upgraded as you play.

A huge part of the fun for me is dishing out these monster combos. It is a nice extra challenge that you can give yourself and something I always enjoy. I find the overall difficulty of God of War to be fine. It has a lot of combat as well as a few simple battles and some truly incredible boss fights. It is just a lot of fun to play from start to finish and despite all the blood and violence I feel that this is a game that does also require you to be smart as you play.

God Of War 3 Download For Pc

To say that I love God of War is a massive understatement. The PS3 version is the way you need to play this game. It is a ton of fun from the start right to the end and it is a truly iconic video game that every gamer needs to experience. It is amazing to see the start of Kratos’s journey and overall, I feel that this game holds up very well.



  • A truly epic story
  • Kratos is a fantastic character
  • The voice acting is great
  • The HD enhancements look awesome
  • Lots of awesome ways to kill monsters!



God Of War 3 Game Download For Android Apk

  • Not as good as its sequel
  • I wish they would update it further for the PS4
Overall rating: 9