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uTorrent 1.3 Change Log

Download Utorrent.exe For Mac Os

Full changelist (build 363)

  • Feature: UNICODE!
  • Feature: Added option to enable/disable internal tracker.
  • Feature: Detect encoding field in a torrent and parse filenames accordingly.
  • Feature: Support crashdumps on pre-WinXp.
  • Feature: Added option to sort downloads based on the label.
  • Feature: Autodetect if the language textfile is utf8 or ansi.
  • Feature: Rate limit DHT traffic.
  • Feature: Nicer availability graph.
  • Feature: Added setting to control how fast utorrent tries to connect to new peers.
  • Change: Increase the amount of connects a bit.
  • Fix: Error message in tray would sometimes not go away
  • Fix: Don't count a seed as a download if there are free seed slots (#68)
  • Fix: Change random port selection
  • Fix: Upload a little bit more aggressively
  • Fix: ulslots wasn't saved properly on restart.
  • Fix: Support piecesize 16k.
  • Fix: Use atomic movefile when saving resume file on XP
  • Fix: Better utorrent.exe.log if translation loading fails
  • Fix: Fix bug that DHT got stuck in (Login)
  • Fix: Fixed some crash bugs. (Thanks to the crash dumps)
  • Fix: Hopefully worked around the file open crash. (Caused by Adobe Acrobat 7).
  • Fix: Fix crash bug if an invalid filename is selected in the opendialog.
  • Fix: Fix crash when removing torrents.
  • Fix: Fix sorting in pieces tab

These fixes were fixed in the second release of 1.3 (build 364):

  • Fix: Move up/down didn't move like you expected
  • Fix: Opening a torrent by doubleclicking in explorer didn't always work.

uTorrent 1.3 Screenshots

uTorrent 1 Builds

uTorrent Comments

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Download Utorrent.exe For Mac

uTorrent is a powerful BitTorrent client that is stable, efficient and feature-rich and provides user with an extensive amount of information about and control over torrents being downloaded and uploaded.

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that lets many users cooperate to share files among each other. In order to participate in this kind of sharing you’ll generally need a BitTorrent client, which is where a program like uTorrent comes in. uTorrent is one of the most popular clients around because it has an extensive selection of features, allows for additional features through add-ons, provides advanced information and capabilities concerning uploads and downloads, is highly stable and is on a fast development track, which means you don’t have to wait long for bug fixes and new features. Dirty projectors bitte orca blogspot rara.

uTorrent has a very small file and memory footprint, runs very fast and doesn’t require many system resources even when managing a large list of torrents. Automatic bandwidth management helps you to maximize bandwidth in a hands-off fashion, which is great for casual users. You don’t have to worry about your downloads and uploads saturating your throughput and thus crippling other online activities. If you’re an advanced user, uTorrent also gives you granular control so you can determine how you seed and when and why particular downloads and uploads get priority.

uTorrent supports skins, which let you determine the overall aesthetic and UI of the program. uTorrent comes with a handful of skins to choose from, and there’s many more available free through the community. This BitTorrent client also supports extensions. Many users have asked for a built-in media player, and while the developers didn’t want to add bloat to the core version, a community-driven extension allows those who want to view videos and listen to music from within uTorrent. You can even expand on uTorrent’s already substantial reporting and automation capabilities.

The developer has added advertisements to the base version. The ads are non-obtrusive for the most part, but they’re ads nonetheless. The ad-free version requires a small annual subscription. Also, the built-in search is still very basic compared to many BitTorrent clients, and while this can be overcome to some degree with add-ons, there’s certain advanced search functionality that would have to be integrated at a fundamental level.

Download Utorrent.exe For Mac High Sierra


Download Torrent For Mac

  • Lightweight solution
  • Extensive torrent information and control
  • Connection test for self-calibration
  • Add-on framework allows customization


Utorrent Download For Mac

  • Ad-supported
  • Limited search feature