Ge Serial Number Age

Find-Age-of-waterheater Find a model and serialnumber at Bradford White Letter year in sequence: A= 2004; B=2005….J=2012 Letter month General Electric Professional @@@@@ State Merged with AO Smith State C05***** 1 … Read Here

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  1. Ge Appliance Serial Number Age

Using serialnumbers To Determine waterheater Manufacture Dates
Using serialnumbers to determine waterheater manufacture dates The common acceptance of a serialnumber using a week-week-year-year convention really is not so common. GE 0599 154948 – May 1999 GELN 0799151153 – July 1999 … Return Doc

Reading Nomenclatures – GE Appliances – Kitchen Appliances …
SerialNumber Location Warranties Forms ESTAR/ADA Home Ownership Store waterheater H=hybrid GeoSpring™ hybrid waterheater nomenclature Brand G=GE Fuel type E=electric N=natural gas P=propane GEH50DNSRSA01 Gallon capacity 40, 50, 80 … Get Document

SerialNumber of Your WaterHeater: _____ Important Telephone Numbers: Rheem Claims Department (800) 621-5622 Rheem Technical Service Department (800) 432-8373 Rheem WaterHeaters Claims Department 2600 Gunter Park Drive East Montgomery, Alabama … Retrieve Full Source

IF your U.S.-made electrical panel data tags include a GE serial number (as do GE appliances), then you can translate a GE serial number to month and year of manufacture using the following procedure followed by GE based on a twelve-year cycle. The GE data tag shown here is for a refrigerator, not an electrical panel. If the unit has a GE nameplate, you don’t have to decode the serial number to get an answer: very, very old, at least 30+ years. General Electric sold their division that manufactured central heating and air conditioning equipment to Trane and ceased production in the 1980s. The model and serial number are located on a small label located inside the fridge. Look on the door, side or rear of the interior to find this small label. Enter the model and serial number into a refrigerator dating website. There are many appliance-dating websites you can use to determine the age of your fridge.

Ge Serial Number Age

6 Year 1-800-431-1549 WaterHeater Warranty
WaterHeater Warranty FOR THE PERIOD OF: WE WILL PROVIDE AT OUR OPTION: 1 YEAR LIMITED model number and serialnumber handy before you call. Pub No. 49-50018-3 AP12164-4 (11/03) HotPoint. Title: ap12164.pdf Subject: GE HotPoint; 6/1; Rev 2; 07/99 … Return Doc

GE-IM016En-0312 54000009 waterheater’s prevail. The number unit of replacement waterheaters is well limited to one (1) was original purchased. If waterheater was purchased. In turn, serial said the contractor, wholesaler, or retailer will the contact of the manu- … Read Here

GETTING SERVICE FOR YOUR WATERHEATER SECTION OF THE OWNER’S MANUAL. write the model and serialnumber here: Model # _____ Serial 54000032 © 2012 Gemco inc. Printed in Canada GE-IM027En-0412 … Fetch Full Source

Warranty Code Ex Pla Na Tion – Lochinvar :: High Efficiency …
SERIALNUMBER Warranty Code Ex pla na tion 1. Waterheater tanks for residential use have a six (6) year limited warranty effective 60 days from date of manufacture as determined by the serialnum ber. 2. … Read More

12 Year WaterHeater Warranty
WaterHeater Warranty FOR THE PERIOD OF: WE WILL PROVIDE AT OUR OPTION: 1 YEAR FULL model number and serialnumber handy before you call. Pub No. 49-50015-3 AP12167-5 (03/05) Title: AP12167-5 GE 9-yr Warranty.qxp Author: kncampbell Created Date: 3/10/2005 2:50:10 PM … Read Content Owner’s Manual Operating Instructions Washers
Write the model and serialnumber here: Model # _____ Serial # _____ You can find WATERHEATER SAFETY n This washer does not include water supply hoses . GE strongly recommends the use of factory … Fetch Doc 2 ,3 Owner’s Manual Operating Instructions …
Write the model and serialnumber here: Model # _____ Serial # WATERHEATER SAFETY Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a waterheater that has not been Warrantor: General Electric Company. Louisville, . … Retrieve Here

Write the model and serialnumber here: Model # Serial # You can find them under the lid of n This washer does not include water supply hoses. GE strongly recommends the use of factory WaTErHEaTEr SaFETY … Get Document Washer/Dryer And Serialnumber Tag.
Write the model and serialnumber here: Model # _____ SerialWATERHEATER SAFETY Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a waterheater that has not been General Electric Company. Louisville, KY 40225 … Visit Document

WaterHeaterSerialNumber Decoder
WaterHeaterSerialNumber Decoder Manufacturer Brand Serial # Ex. Key American Craftmaster Mor-Flo/American SABH (U.S.) U.S. Craftmaster General Electric Rheem Professional 0794***** (July 1994) or 0794F***** (July 1994) Rheem uses a 2-digit month … Access Doc

How To Determine WaterHeater And Furnace Age
How to determine WaterHeater and Furnace Age General Electric: was GE before 1982. Sold entire division to Trane in 1982. Prior to 1982, This serialnumber style was only used during the months of April & May 1980. … Doc Viewer

How To Determine WaterHeater Age – …
How to Determine WaterHeater Age Bosch – The first three digits of the serialnumber indicate the production date Month Year1998 19992000200120022003200420052006200720082009 – see GE? JC Penney – See State . Jetglas – See Bradford White . … Access Document

How To Locate The Model And serialnumbers On Your GE Profile …
WaterHeater Left side Store Site Readiness SerialNumber Location NOTE: Slight variation of model and serialnumber location is possible. GE Monogram … Read More

Electric Residential WaterHeatersGE Appliances – Kitchen …
The model and serialnumber of the waterheater from the rating plate. Specify voltage and wattage as marked on the rating plate. Part description (as noted below) and number of parts desired. CAUTION: For your safety DO NOT AP12168-7 (GE Elec).qxp … Read Here

Residential Electric WaterHeater
The model and serialnumber from the waterheater’s data plate. Incorrect installa on, opera on, or service can damage the waterheater, your house If the waterheater is not ge « ng power, contact a qualifi ed person to … Retrieve Doc

WaterHeater Manufacture Dates By SerialNumber
WaterHeater Manufacture Dates by SerialNumber Manufacturers Legends Rheem Rudd Richmond (Menards) GE (Home Depot) WaterHeater Manufacture Dates by SerialNumber Author: Leleika Last modified by: Leleika … View This Document

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Finding old or obsolete General Electric circuit breakers can be challenging. GE has produced circuit breakers for over 70 years, which can make it difficult to match the right models and model numbers to your needs. In this article, we’ll present a brief history of GE’s circuit breaker production and help you understand how to identify what circuit breaker you’re looking for.

A Brief History of General Electric Circuit Breakers


GE’s “Slate back” line of type AE and AL air circuit breakers was its first product line utilizing one of the first true inverse time elements to obtain automatic “resettable” overcurrent protection. This marked a huge step up from simple fused protection. Sometime later, technological improvements prompted a redesign so GE introduced the AK line of breakers. These models featured improved electro-mechanical trip units and were designed to fit both AKD and AKD5 switchgear.

In the 1980’s, GE redesigned the AK line and gave the product line the AKR prefix. Although they may initially seem similar in appearance to the older style, the design has been improved and is not interchangeable with previous versions. This product line was designed to fit both AKD6 and the later redesigned AKD8 switchgear.

How to Read a General Electric Breaker Number

Almost all of the digits in an AK or AKR model number identify important characteristics of the breaker. It is important to either understand these details or even more important make sure your supplier does. Let’s use an AK-25 circuit breaker as an example. At a glance, with the door closed, most AK-25’s look the same, but the missing digits between the AK and 25 reveal important information that is needed to assure a safe and proper fit. You can use these quick guidelines to identify the specific model of a General Electric circuit breaker:

  1. The first part, “AK”, tells you the general designation of one of two switchgear vintages that the breaker will fit in - AKD or type AKD 5.
  2. The last part, “25”, indicates one of the smaller feeder breakers that is rated 600 amp AC continuous and has a frame rating of 25,000 amps interrupt (AC).
  3. There are up to 4 more spaces for letters or numbers between the AK and 25 that are important. One could be a “U” which would indicate the addition of current limiting fuses. Another could be an “F” which designates a special field discharge option. There will be a number, most likely a 2 but it could be a 3, 4, all the way up to 10, which designates which type of trip unit that was installed at the factory. After the 2 or other trip unit number there could be an “A”. Absence of an “A” indicates that it is for AKD switchgear, the presence of it indicates it is for type AKD5 switchgear.
  4. For more information on how to understand what each letter or digit of the model number means, we’ve developed a guide. This guide will help you identify most of the options built in to your breaker from the factory and which, if any, will need to be changed or upgraded.

Other Questions to Ask

In addition to knowing the brand and product number you’re looking for, here are some other questions to help us identify the perfect solution for your needs:

  • Is the breaker A. electrically or B. manually operated?
  • If A, what is the voltage of the close coil, control relay and trip coil?
  • If A, do you have a wiring diagram number?
  • Why type of trip unit is needed?
  • What trip function is required?
  • Are any accessories like bell alarm or under voltage protection required?

Ge Appliance Serial Number Age

To download this chart click here: flowchart for AK and AKR circuit breakers for guidance. If you’re still having trouble or are unsure of what you need, just let us know and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process.