Gow-mac Chromatograph Series 350 Manual

  1. Gow-mac Chromatograph Series 350 Manual Free
  2. Gow-mac Chromatograph Series 350 Manual Download

Gas Chromatographs. Series 59001019. Series 580 TCDR5. Series 580 FIDR8. Series AR720R8. Please contact customer service at 610-954-9000 ext 246 for manuals on Series 200, Series 826 and Series 8100. Th e GOW-MAC Series 580 Isothermal Gas Chromatograph sets the standard for reliable performance in a wide range of applications. So impressive has the performance of this GC been, that many 580 users refer to it as “Th e Workhorse” instrument of their laboratory.

Gow-mac Chromatograph Series 350 Manual Free

Gow-mac Chromatograph Series 350 Manual

Gow-mac Chromatograph Series 350 Manual Download

The Series 200 is a 19” Isothermal Rack Mountable Gas Chromatograph with multiple detector options and its own on board data acquisition software installed for on-line use. The Series 200 can have a Discharge Ionization Detector (DID), Thermal Conductivity (TCD), or Flame Ionization Detector (FID) installed. The Series 200 can have Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s) installed, and can accommodate five packed or micro-packed analytical columns. Custom valve configurations for specific applications come installed with two different modes- manual for method development, and automated for on-line analysis.

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Series #200
TypeGas Chromatograph
Dimensions19'W x 19.25' H x 21.5'D
Weight100 lbs.
Temp RangeAmbient to 150°C
Range10ppb to 100%
Recommended Accessories75-800 Carrier Gas Purifier