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GraphPad Prism is biostatistics and scientific graphing software for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Accessing GraphPad Prism


GraphPad Prism is available on all UQ computers free-of-charge. Staff using ITS-managed computers can self-install GraphPad Prism using the Microsoft Software Centre or Mac Self Service. To install it on other UQ computers, contact your local IT support team or submit an IT request.

The amount UQ pays for GraphPad Prism depends on how many computers the software is installed on. Only install GraphPad Prism where needed.

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If you have decommissioned computers that had GraphPad Prism on it, submit an IT request to let ITS know to remove it from the list of active installations.

Home use

Graphpad Prism Serial NumberFree
  • Staff: you can use GraphPad Prism on your personal computers if you are paid staff, unpaid staff or an academic title holder
  • Students: you can use GraphPad Prism on your own computer for study purposes

You can get a licence for home use from UQ Software Licensing and use the software until the annual licence expiry date. Renewal is not automatic, so you will have to re-register to use GraphPad Prism every year. Expiry warning messages start from 30 days before the expiry date.

Conditions of use

GraphPad Prism is available at UQ for academic and non-commercial purposes.


The site licence is renewed annually on 14 February.

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