Gta 5 Update Ps3

  1. Artwork Description Valentine's Day Massacre Special — Time-limited content with a classic gangster theme, including a new weapon (the Gusenberg Sweeper) and a new car (the Albany Roosevelt), as well as additional gangster-themed clothing, hairstyles and actions.The weapon and vehicle were also available in GTA V's story mode. The update was released on February.
  2. Why every time I enter Grand Theft Auto 5 on my PS3, It enters a black screen then freezes there? Answered: Pls will def be director mode for gta5 ps3 player and also no mods also for gta5 ps3 that is completely wrong? Answered: How to fix my black screen on GTA 5?

Below is an updated list of all of the weekly Grand Theft Auto 5 updates for Grand Theft Auto Online. Each week Rockstar releases new cars, modes, missions, races. Forums PC/Console Gaming Popular Games Grand Theft Auto Grand Theft Auto V GRAND THEFT AUTO V PlayStation 3 Release ALL GTA ( BLES01807 ) updates ( PKG ) 1.06 - 1.27 Discussion in ' GRAND THEFT AUTO V PlayStation 3 ' started by Praqq, Jan 19, 2016.

Gta 5 Ps3 Update Pkg

Gta 5 Update Ps3

National cash register value guide. Hello,
We share with you the very latest version of the GTA 5 MODS PS3.
which now upgrades to version 2.5.
As usual, it has several Eboot, SPRX and a Recovery
At the level of this version compared to the previous one, I this time added CEX accounting for the menus in UPDATE.RPF,

The strengths of version v2.5

  • Dedicated website available!
  • French AND English languages ​​available! (our PKG only contains the French version)
  • Reading & saving of the .ini file for optimal customization.
  • Forced save system, to play in History you just have to start the game while being co PSN!
  • Design completely re-visited and well thought out.
  • DEX compatible as well as with CEX Cobra.
  • Compatible with tools without freezer.
  • Give RP & non-host exclusion.
  • 18 Anti-modder protections + modder attack detector.
  • Animations & forced teleport.
  • Player information (level, money, etc …).
  • Detection of 42 SPRX menus, if the developers of each menu have played the game (integrated into the news).
  • Visible FX & Lunar Gravity Particles.

Download Gta 5 Update Ps3

For those in DEX

Gta 5 Ps3 Update 1.27

  • You can combine the menus in update.rpf and in sprx. First install the menu in update.rpf then the sprx.
  • If the sprx does not start anymore it is not compatible with the menu in update.rpf, if you want to reuse the menu in sprx launch the icon delete the mods menus in the ISO, then install your menu again sprx type.
  • In the case of a combination update.rpf and sprx (not recommended), if the update rpf does not launch, choose the icon delete mods menus in the ISO and install the menu again in update.rpf
  • If you freeze with a sprx menu too often, install the original update.rpf included in the ISO, then your sprx (does not correct freezes due to problems with scratched discs, players, internet connection …)
  • In the case of freeze you can pass the webman plugin to max, instead of 320 KB. (This will reduce freezes)

For those in CEX

  • You cannot (for the moment use sprx menus which are included in the ISO)
  • First install the menu in update.rpf, then the eboot cex bypass provided in the ISO

Gta 5 Update Ps3 Download

How to properly set up your GTA 5 MODS PS3:

Gta V Update Ps3

  • Automatic recognition of your Target CEX / DEX for easy installation!
  • Update your game to 1.27 / 1.28 (official) if not already done.
  • Install our PKG
  • Launch our application “MOD MENU GTA V The GALERIUM v2.5 for PS3 CEX / DEX”
  • Launch the Eboot according to your configuration.
  • Install the SPRX The GALERIUM v2.5 or SPRX GTA 5 MODS PS3 Recovery of your choice
  • Install the MOD Manager DarkManager v1.3 if SPRX is not enough for you!

MOD MENU commands:

Gta 5 Online Ps3 Updates

  • Open SPRX: R1 + Right Arrow
  • Open MOD MANAGER: L3 + R3
  • Navigate: Arrows
  • Select: X
  • Close: O