Heartharena Addon

Addon to aid roleplaying guilds. Allows GM to set custom channels wich all members with the addon shall automatically join, aswell automatically set the highest ranks to be made moderator upon joining the channel and GM as owner. This is to make sure the channel remains under supervision by the right members and aswell it is password protected wich is hidden and easily changeable ingame by the GM.

HearthStone Addon

Addon mainly developed for Eclipse Cartel on Shatar realm but it will be usable for any guild. There many plans for this addon but the main things right now are..

  • Chat admin system for custom channels.
  • DoorSystem
  • Roleplaying Currency
  • I have known about Heartharena for a long time, and I also know that Kripp is using it all the time since he is sponsored by them. I have come to a state where I dont play arena at all anymore, because I feel like the people using hearthsrena for drafting-help has the upper hand against me.
  • The HearthArena Companion app will enrich your Arena experience without the downside of having to do ANY typing. Get advice from HearthArena's groundbreaking algorithm and start tracking your arena runs and decks automatically.
Heartharena addon minecraft


Hearthstone Deck Tracker Addon Hearthstone Deck Tracker displays the state of your current deck. It also shows how much time is left until the end of the match and if there are any secrets to be revealed. It’s a very useful addon for beginners, but may be just as important for the old dogs.

The door system is quite complicated. our guild uses doors in some places that dont exist, this part is in planning so little is known yet.

Heartharena Addon

Roleplaying Currency

Like gold and silver we have Crowns, these act as an RP currency ingame. Also being planned still

Chat Admin System

Gain full control over a custom channel without needing to mess with owner/moderator all the time.

Chat Admin System Commands

/hs join

if you were kicked or left the channel you can rejoin with this command

Heartharena addon for kodi

/hs leave

leave the channel.. i know its useless but added it anyway Bursa lagu download mp3.

/hs update

Online for long time and did something change causing addon not to function properly ? run this command to update your password/channel/channelstatus manually


/hs dice

Heartharena Addon For Firestick

roll a D20 dice

/hs coin

flip a coin

Heartharena Addon For Minecraft Windows 10

/hs admin

Heartharena addon for firestick

Heartharena Addon Minecraft

Only for top 3 ranks of a guild.