How To Install Overhead Dvd Player In Kia Sedona

DESCRIPTION OF PART: 2007-2010 Kia Sedona Sorento Overhead DVD Player XM-1050CB OEM. WARRANTY TERM & CONDITIONS: All used item comes with 90 Days Warranty Unless Stated Anything Else in that Particular Listing, For Engines, Transmissions and other mechanical parts we provide 6 Months warranty.Warranty is only on parts it does not includes labor charges. Shop for overhead DVD players and purchase the right one that fits your car, SUV or mini-van. Compare and read customer reviews and shop online at Best Buy. PLAYING MP3 DISCS MP3 is a format for storing digital audio. An audio CD-quality song can be compressed into the MP3 format with very little loss of quality, while taking up much less space. CD-R discs that have been encoded in MP3 format can be played on DVD player. The DVD player plays the songs in the order they were burned on to the disc. Bought a Kia with factory installed Dvd player, previous owner took actual dvd player out and left cover. I need to know what wires go where. There are two wire connectors. One is an 18 prong and one is an 8 prong. The 18 prong only has two wires in it.


I decided to upgrade our family minivan's entertainment system by installing a ceiling-mounted rear seat monitor. After researching what's out there, I decided to go with Concept CFD-135, which is sold on Amazon for about $275.
Concept CFD-135 (Chameleon) ceiling-mounted 13.3' monitor


I was looking for a 16:9 monitor with at least 480p resolution. I also wanted something bigger than an iPad screen (i.e. 9.7 inch). Unfortunately, most models in the current market are stuck at 4:3 aspect, and usually sized around 9 to 12 inches diagonally. Also, most monitors are based on fluorescent backlit LCD panels, resulting in dim picture.
So, when I first saw the CFD-135 ( in person, I was encouraged and relieved to see that there are 21st century alternatives! I also realized how big a 13.3' screen is in a minivan; it is huge!
The Concept CFD-135 features include:
  • 13.3” digital panel with LED backlighting
  • Display resolution: 1366x768 pixels
  • Brightness: 220 cd/m2
  • Built-in DVD player
  • HDMI Input
  • SD card slot
  • USB port
  • Built-in dual speakers
  • Built-in FM transmitter
  • Two A/V inputs
    • One 3.5mm side input jack
    • One wired RCA input
  • One A/V RCA output
  • Wireless remote control
  • Built-in dual channel IR transmitter
    • Ch A: 2.3MHz(left)–2.8MHz(right)
    • Ch B: 3.2MHz(left)–3.8MHz(right)
  • Touch Sensitive Controls
  • Three sets of interchangeable Chameleon skins to match vehicle interior (black, gray and tan)
  • Power supply: DC +12V (10.6V-15.8V)
  • Power consumption: 12W
  • Operating temperature: -4°F to 158°F
  • Dimensions: 16 3/8” x 15 3/8” x 2 3/8“
  • Weight: 7.14 lbs.

Installed with the matching gray cover, seen from the driver's seat. Says 'Chameleon' on the logo.
I was pleased to see that the unit comes with three covers in different colors, to match your car's interior; black, gray and tan. For our minivan (2009 Kia Sedona), the gray cover matches well. (I wonder if that is the reason they named this product 'Chameleon'?)
The monitor opens to about 100-degree angle, and the hinge is not motorized. You open by pulling the lid edge with your finger tip. Personally, I prefer this to a motorized hinge, as it is yet another moving part that can fail over time. Also, the hinge does not rotate; again, I think it helps its durability over time.

Picture Quality

CFD-135 features an excellent 1366x768 LED backlit display, capable of playing back of native 720p HD video content. That said, most head unit can only output analog signal using its composite video, which has a practical resolution limit of around 480i. So, the panel's native resolution cannot be fully leveraged unless you have a higher resolution signal. Fortunately, CFD-135 features an external HDMI input port, and I was able to playback HD digital video contents. The picture was very crisp and bright, thanks for its LED backlight.
The playback of 480p content via Composite input or its build-in DVD were also very good, in both bright and dark ambience.
480i video playback via composite input. Notice some glare and fading when viewed at an off-center angle.
I suspect this LCD panel is probably a TN (twisted nematic) type, resulting in a less-than perfect off-center angle viewing experience (versus, say an IPS panel with 178-degree viewing angle). The photo above demonstrates this effect, however in practice this is really not an issue. In our 2nd and 3rd row seats, the picture looks just as good as on-center viewing.
Same can be said of the glare, and the screen looks great in dark.
CFD-135 start-up screen, so you don't ever forget the name of this monitor

Another off-center sample, this time seen at night

A slightly more extreme off-center sample

SD and USB media playback

What I did not like about CFD-135 is its lack of documentation; I could not find any information about what digital media formats were supported in its SD and USB playback. Its product page on Concept's website ( did not indicate specification regarding this area, at all.How To Install Overhead Dvd Player In Kia Sedona
From a number of attempts on my part, I was able to conclude the following (so far):
  1. The SD card slot supports SDHC but not SDXC
  2. The USB port is 'probably' USB 1.0, based on how slow things read
  3. Supports FAT32 file system (max 32GB size), but not NTFS
  4. Supports MP3 playback for music
  5. Does NOT support H.264 video playback. Probably supports Divx and MPEG-2 (TBD). This is probably not an issue as I am sourcing most of my video playback from the head unit Pioneer AVH-4000NEX, which is great.

Control Interface

CFD-135 features 'touch-sensitive' controls on its housing. It takes some effort to get used to, as there is no physical feedback of 'buttons'. It took some effort to get used to, learning to apply just enough skin area to activate each control. On the positive side, the controls are backlit with blue LEDs so their visibility is good. Overall, I only have to use the power button to turn on the unit so I think I am okay with the whole scheme.
CFD-135 does come with a remote control, however its quality and button labeling is far from perfect. The remote feels very cheap, and its plastic parts are made of low quality plastic; terrible fit and finish too. Worse yet, the buttons lack adequate labeling and proper English words to describe them. Also, did I mention there's no manual? I decided I will stick to the controls on CFD-135 housing.


Even though CFD-135 lacked sufficient documentation, I believe it is the best ceiling-mounted monitor you can buy in its price range. In fact, I did not run into other models offering a high-definition LCD screen with the LED backlight, even in other sizes. What makes this monitor really shine - no pun intended - is its support for a HDMI input.
Disclosure: While I am not paid by anyone to write this review, I may be compensated if you purchase products through links on my blog.

Do you want to have a better in-car environment? Thesedays, more and more KIA sedona owners upgrade their factory radio to touch screen DVD player. Aftermarket KIA sedona Radio is a awesome choice for most of us. Here are some professional instructions of KIA sedona Radio installation. But if you didn’t install a radio before, you’d better do it with the help of a professional technician in case of some irreparable damage is being made.

Before installation, look at the picture of Seicane 2006-2011 KIA sedona Radio after installation.

Os x mavericks iso image download official for mac book pro 2020. 2006-2011 Kia sedona Radio after installation

If you have the same dashboard with the picture shows, you can follow the instructions below.

Precautions before installation:

1.Before you begin any work, remember to disconnect negative power cable to avoid danger

2.Please turn off your car series include the radio unit and park your car well.

3.Before connecting, please make sure the ignition is off to avoid short circuit and connect the yellow and res cable at last.

2006-2011 KIA sedona Radio installation

How to install overhead dvd player in kia sedona arizona

1)Pry off the trim panel with a pry tool.

2)Remove the trim panel and disconnect cables at the back of it.

2006-2011 Kia sedona Radio installation step 2

3)Remove 4 screws holding the unit with a Phillips screwdriver.

How To Install Overhead Dvd Player In Kia Sedona 2018

4)Gently take out factory radio.

2006-2011 Kia sedona Radio installation step 4

5)Then disconnect cables at back of the radio.

6)Connect the cables on the new head unit as the user manual shows and place them well.

7)Put the new head unit into the dash.

How To Install Overhead Dvd Player In Kia Sedona


8)Turn on the new head unit and have a comprehensive check if it works well.

How To Install Overhead Dvd Player In Kia Sedona Arizona

9)Install 4 screws back to their original position.


10)Check whether the unit is working without problem.

11)If everything is OK, firm removed screws that are put aside, then make trim panel back on your new Seicane radio.

By the way, you should make sure whether the aftermarket radio fits your car before installation, and here is a good aftermarket radio of Seicane which fits KIA sedona well:

How To Install Overhead Dvd Player In Kia Sedona 2017

This Seicane KIA sedona Radio can be a good choice for you. It has intelligent pure android 4.4.4 operation system and 6.2 inch HD 800*480 multi-touch screen.

You can perform Google search on the road with quick search box, play online games, watch videos, download online data and check emails by connecting to any WiFi hotspot in range or 3g internet, download any applications in the android market for access to games, Skype, MSN, YouTube, twitter, E-Book, Gmail etc. And it’s your perfect road companion. What’s more, this multimedia player has a touch screen display that can be used with reverse cameras to make parking easier.

How To Install Overhead Dvd Player In Kia Sedona Az

So, what are you waiting for? Just upgrade your KIA sedona Radio by yourselves!

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