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Torrent: Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 6.23 (x32x64) [Multi]
Dodał: umezrorv
Data: 27-01-2021
Rozmiar: 55.07 MB
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OPIS:Icecream Screen Recorder Pro is a convenient program for recording video from the screen of your computer (recording games, Skype, webinars and much more), as well as for creating screenshots of the entire window and the selected area. The application has a complete set of necessary tools for professional video capture from the screen.
Screen Recorder allows you to capture a selected area of ​​the screen of any size. If you need to select part of the screenshot or add text comments on it, then for this the program has drawing tools. They allow you to draw shapes, lines and also overlay text on the screenshot.
The program can immediately copy the created screenshot to the clipboard or upload it to the IceCream Apps server and provide a short direct link to it. UsingIceCream Screen Recorder , you can record high-quality video with sound. It is possible to adjust the microphone volume and system sounds. The program keeps a history of all records. You can use keyboard shortcuts to use program features.
Program features:
• Choose a zone for creating a video or a screenshot right on the screen of your computer with one click.
• Draw, circle, arrow, or type text in a future screenshot or video right during shooting.
• Quick access to all recorded video from the screen or created screenshots.
• Adjust the microphone volume and system sounds.
• Save the screenshot to the clipboard for sending via Skype or e-mail.
• It’s up to you to decide whether to remove the mouse, turn off the screensaver, hide the desktop icons, etc.
• With a single click, send a screenshot to the Icecream Apps server to receive a short link and send it to friends or partners.
• Use hotkeys to control the process of recording video from the screen and creating screenshots.
PRO versions:
- Without recording time restrictions
- Changing the output video format - WEBM, MKV, MP4
- Changing the output video codec - MPEG4, H264, VP8
- Setting the recording timer
- Setting your own watermark on the video
- Disabling the countdown before recording
- Unlimited license for 2 computers
Program INFOrmation:
Release year: 2019
Platform: Windows® 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP /
System requirements:
Windows ? / 8.1 / 10 (32/64-bit)
Run setup.exe
Install software
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