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See full list on Parallels has been 'deleting snapshot' for more than 24 hours. ( ) I'm willing to lose all my snapshots if I can get Parallels to boot Windows 10 again. Will it work if I 'Force Quit' Parallels and then manually delete all Parallels snapshots (e.g., delete.pvm/Snapshots folder and.pvm/Snapshots.xml file)? Can’t sign into my account on the Xbox app. It just flashes a white screen then closes. I’m running it on parallels on my MacBook Pro m1. I’ve tried closing it and shutting down and retrying but it doesn’t work.

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Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

I've done this before and can confirm that it's awesome.

Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

I can also confirm this to be an awesome set up. I have a 20' iMac on the right and an 20' dell widescreen monitor on the left. The monitor on the left is running full screen mode Windows XP in Parallels. And I actually don't have a problem with Zooming on either OS.
Awesome setup! Highly recommended.

Parallels for mac white screen free
Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

I use virtuedesktops, and run parallels fullscreen in a seperate virtual desktop.
It's great, and confuses people (imagine OS/2 running on an MBP?) :) It's also got cool transitions.

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Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

what key sequence do you use to switch? the guest OS traps all that I've used.
Mind the gap..

Instead of using a keyboard trigger you have to use a mouse trigger. I am using the left and right borders to switch between Win and Mac. You can also mix keyboard and mouse triggers, but the keyboard triggers will only work in the Mac environment.

Parallels For Mac White Screen
Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

I've the best experience with the mouse triggers. I use double-click right/left monitor border.
Good photo software for mac. I also modified other keyboard triggers, e.g. for the virtuedesktop pager, some have covered windows modifiers (shift+tab)..

Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

You have OS/2 running in Parallels? Dang, I'm jealous.
I wonder if my Warp4 CDs would work.. hmm.. how to boot the thing without a floppy drive?
I'd love to kick around with OS/2 again.. =)

Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens
For months I've had my MacBook and Power Mac hooked up to a big monitor through a KVM switch, and it never occurred to me to use the MacBook's screen along with the big monitor. [Insert hard slap on forehead here.] And one of the main things I use the MacBook for is running Parallels. [Insert second slap, harder than the first.] This hint has changed my world!
Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

I use dual screens AND virtuedesktops! haha ok, I admit it's a little much, but i have mail/news reader on the first desktop (monitor 1/2) then on the second set of desktops i have all my web stuff, dreamweaver on one monitor, firefox/safari on the second. You should also run Parallels in coherence mode on the second monitor, because then you can just put the menubar at the top/bottom of the screen and have IE floating in the screen right next to safari and all that. it's absolutely amazing. having 2 gigs of ram also helps A LOT.
When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens
Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

Yeah, Coherence is cool. If only the betas didn't kill shared networking. :-(

Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens

I want to use two external monitors with my Powerbook. I know I can do it with my PowerMac but is it possible to do this with macbook or powerbook? I don't want to use the screen on the laptop. Ideally I'd like to dock my laptop and use two external monitors with it.

Easy OS switching with Parallels and dual screens
You will need a PCMCIA graphics controller like the VTBook for $250. This card will not work in MacBook Pros.

Whether you’re a fresh adopter of virtual machines or a longtime lover of virtualization, Parallels Desktop for Mac has optimized support for your external monitors and Full Screen mode! You can view your Parallels Desktop virtual machine on your native display or an external monitor so it looks just like it would if you were using a Windows PC. Not only is it functional but look how easy it is in the below steps:

You can switch to Full Screen mode a couple of ways:

  • Keyboard shortcut: Command + Control + F
  • From Window mode, choose: View > Enter Full Screen, or click the Full Screen icon in the top right corner of the VM window –>
  • From Coherence mode, click the Parallels icon in the menu bar, then choose Exit Coherence. Then click the View menu and select Enter Full Screen.
  • Additional tips for Full Screen mode can be found in this Parallels Knowledge Base article:

Personally, Full Screen mode is one of my favorite features of Parallels Desktop for Mac because it allows me to utilize my Windows 10 VM on my external Thunderbolt Display here at work. I’m not constantly swiping between Desktops or having or prioritize applications when working. This additionally makes it easy to drag and drop files, copy and paste, and be uber productive (as seen below).

Kayla is running Windows 7 and Windows 10 in macOS Sierra

Here at Parallels, we’re updating our software to ensure optimized usability for our features. Some of our macOS Sierra users have mentioned issues using multiple monitors with early releases of Parallels Desktop. These users sent us detailed reports on their configurations, and with this information, our (awesome) engineering team made some changes and documented many details in the Knowledge Base article. Have you experienced issues with multiple monitors? If so, please make sure that you have the latest release of Parallels Desktop, and that you follow the steps below:


Parallels for mac white screen free
  1. Go to (Apple Logo) > System Preferences> Mission Control.
  2. Enable the Displays have separate Spaces:
  3. Log out from your macOS user account and log back in.
  4. Enter Full Screen view mode with your VM. To extend the VM to the external display, go to the VM’s View menu > Use All Displays in Full Screen.
  5. Additional tips for resolving your Full Screen mode issues can be found in this Parallels Knowledge Base article:

Additionally, there is a new feature with Virtual Machine spaces in Full Screen. This feature addresses past concerns of Parallels Desktop users whom were used to our non-native full screen, with two or more displays showing multiple virtual machine spaces at the same time. This new setting being enables will activate a Full Screen virtual machine on any display automatically. The default state will be OFF for existing virtual machines and ON for new virtual machines that are created.

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Your external monitor does not need to be an Apple-branded Thunderbolt display. Our Full Screen mode supports native and non-native displays. Subjectively, I’m excited to preorder OWC’s Thunderbolt 3 Dock to add two ultra HD 4K displays, or a combination of 4K, HD, and other displays with the mini DisplayPort port and additional Thunderbolt 3 port. Windows on Mac with a 4K display? Yes, please!

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