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A sprawling, point-and-click puzzle/adventure game that came on CD-ROM, Myst became a staple of early 1990s Mac and PC gaming. A surprise hit, it held the spot of best-selling PC game until The. In the first episode of Adventure Gamer Reviews, we round-up the best new point and click adventures for PC and Mac. If story, exploration and puzzles are yo.


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  • Point and click is an interface featured in a specific kind of adventure game, where players click on objects and characters to interact with them. Summary Short summary describing this concept.
  • Point & Click Games Point & Click games let your mouse take center stage and make your index finger the star of the show.Hover over and click through some over our top titles that won't have you lift more than a finger. At least, more than one. Point & Click Games (76).
Alright, there's this game I played briefly at a friend's house a while back in the late 90s. I always wanted to play more but never really got a chance. I really don't have many details about it. All I remember is it had 3d graphics and it was at an angled view, sort of like Fallout (before Fallout 3), except maybe a bit closer. I also remember this one point in the game where you're walking around outside and you run into a grassy clearing with a glass case in the center of it, and you pull a rose from the flowers surrounding the glass case. I'm not exactly sure what the case was, it was long, it could've been holding a sleeping or dead body. The flowers could've been inside too. And if the title didn't give it away already, it was a point and click type of adventure.

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I'm not 100% sure on all of my details. Memory is a bit foggy. I don't expect anyone to directly know what game I'm talking about, though that'd be pretty awesome. But what are some older point and click adventures for the mac? It was most likely made in the mid to late 90s. Maybe I can search each game and find something that looks familiar.

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