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You can verify your PRC board rating online in 3 quick steps and this post will teach you how to do it in 5 minutes or less in 2021. Plus, I will also share with you 2 other options to verify your license as a registered professional based on the PRC online database.

  • Prc List Of Licensed Civil Engineers In The Philippines DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1).
  • Select your profession and enter your PRC License Number. Select PRC office to handle your license renewal, date of appointment and payment option. Verify status at Existing Transaction tab.

Pictureinpicture VERIFICATION OF LICENSE (BY LICENSE NO.) Use the form below to know your rating/grades for a licensure examination that you have taken. Enter the required information in the appropriate fields to verify your identity. Access the PRC Online Verification Service. Select the ‘Verification of Rating’ tab. Input the required information in the appropriate fields to verify your identity. View your board exam rating/grades. How to Verify the PRC License of Any Registered Professional: 2 Ways. Frequently Asked Questions.

Verification can be done to know your rating / grades for the licensure exam that you have taken. This is applicable whether you passed or failed your board exam, and would just want to see your score. For the board passers, this online verification system can also be used to confirm that you are a registered professional in Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) in the Philippines.

Who would want to know your PRC ratings or would want to verify your identity? There are two parties that would want to know your rating, and confirm your identity: It is You, and your future employer.

First, you need to know your rating for safekeeping reasons, plus to determine how you performed based on academic subjects tested by PRC. Also, knowing your ratings per subject enables you to determine your strengths and weaknesses for your chosen profession. You can use it as a reference for your career advancement. Let us say, taking training or additional lessons for subjects that you scored the least.

Second is your future employer, they might want to check if you are telling the truth about your identity – that you passed your licensure exam. Especially those who have taken their board exam more than 5 years ago.

Verifying your PRC board exam rating online is very simple and surprisingly no registration needed. Best dictionary for mac. You can do this in less than 5 minutes. But prior to that, you need to prepare the following personal details as it will be asked when filling up the online verification form:

  • Examination Name
  • Date of Examination
  • Application Number (found in your Notice of Admission or NOA)
  • License Number

How to Verify the PRC Board Exam Rating Online

Step 1: Go to and Proceed to the Verification link to check your exam score

The verification link is located on the upper left side of the LERIS website. No need to sign in with your account if your only purpose is to check your rating.

Step 2: Go to the “Verification of Rating” tab and Supply all the information asked

The online PRC form will ask you information such as the examination name, examination date, the application number, first name, last name, and Birthdate.

Fill in the details as accurately as possible. Otherwise, it may result in error notification.

Prc License Verification Philippines

Step 3: Hit the verify link (green button)

A pop-up window will appear showing your full name, application number, average score, and your ratings per subject that is tested in the exam. It will also show your overall average, and the remarks if you Passed or Failed your licensure exam.

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PRC Online Verification of License by Name of Professional

You can use this verification system to confirm the identity of the registered professional in the PRC online database.

Step 1:Go to “Verification of License (by Name)” Tab

Fill in the name of your Profession, including your First Name, and Last Name

Step 2: Hit the verify link (green button)

The pop-up window will show you the details if the name you have search is registered in PRC as professional

PRC Online Verification of License by License Number

Step 1:Go to “Verification by License number” tab

Fill in the name of your Profession, License Number, and Birthdate

Prc Verification Online

Step 2: Hit the verify link


The pop-up window will depict the details about the Full name of the professional, profession name, the initial registration date, and license expiration. It will also state if the PRC license is Valid or Expired.

That’s it. I hope this helps guys!

How to Verify Your PRC Board Exam Rating: 4 Steps.

1. Access the PRC Online Verification Service.

You can directly access this online verification tool by going to this link.

Alternatively, you can visit the PRC LERIS website at (in case this URL is inaccessible, you can also try the mirror site in this link or this link). At the homepage, look for the ‘Verification’ on the list of PRC online services. Click the link that says “Click Here” to access the page.

2. Select the ‘Verification of Rating’ tab.

Since your purpose is to know the rating/grades for the licensure exam you have taken, you must select the first tab.

The other two tabs are for those who want to verify one’s or someone else’s PRC license either by name or license number. This is to make sure that the license holder is indeed a legitimate professional and is registered with the PRC (more on this later).

3. Input the required information in the appropriate fields to verify your identity.

The following information is required in order to verify your identity and process your request:

Prc log in
  • Examination Name – The name of the licensure examination you took or simply the name of your profession (e.g., PROFESSIONAL TEACHER, PSYCHOLOGIST, ARCHITECT, etc.)
  • Date of the Examination – Select the month and year when you took the licensure examination
  • Application No. – You can find your PRC Application No. in the Notice of Admission (NOA) issued to you when you applied for the licensure examination.
  • Your First Name and Last Name
  • Your Birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format

4. View your board exam rating/grades.

Once you’re done filling out the online verification form, click ‘Verify’ to view your board exam rating/grades.

The verification result will display the following information:

  • Name of the examinee
  • Application number
  • Name of the exam
  • Date of the exam
  • General Average/Board Exam Rating
  • Remarks (either Passed or Failed)
  • Breakdown of the different subjects in the exam and your corresponding scores

How to Verify the PRC License of Any Registered Professional: 2 Ways.

Whether you’re an employer or anybody who is dealing with a professional, part of your background check is to confirm whether the said professional is really what he/she claims to be. Meanwhile, if you’re a registered professional, you want to make sure that your name is part of the PRC registry.

Fortunately, the PRC LERIS website allows users to search their database and confirm the identities of registered professionals in the country.

You can verify the PRC license of a registered professional in two ways:

1. By Name.

To verify PRC license by name, access the PRC Online Verification Service and select the second tab. Input the license holder’s profession, first name, and last name. Finally, click ‘Verify’ to show the result.

Most users report getting an error message when they use this first method. If this is the case, follow the instructions in the next section to make verification via PRC license number.

2. By License No.

Prc License Verification Philippines Passport Online

To verify a PRC license by license no., directly go to the PRC Online Verification Service website and select the third tab from left. Input the required information in the appropriate fields like Profession, License No., and Birthdate. Finally, click ‘Verify’ to display the result.

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