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Hello to everyone!!
I've recently bought a SAMSUNG HT-C6500. It sounds fnatastic, but I didn't have in mind back in the US hen I bought the region issue.. I am so used to not having trouble with that! I forgot completely. Now I can't make it region free, I tried the Hack in this site but it won't work FOR ME.
I can't make it play PAL DVDs either (don't know if it's because of the region thing because I get a different message on the screen).
I'm thinking maybe it's because I updated the firmware, now I've got version 1014.1 of the firmware (I'm region 1 NTSC)..
Does anyone know how to downgrade it again to the oriignal firmware? Is that even possible?
Any kind of help regarding this unit would be REALLY appreciated. I've got lots of DVDs I can't play on my new Home Theatre!!
Thanks in advance

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