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  1. PS2 Features Sep 27, 2004. Resident Evil 4 and Killer 7 have been two hotly anticipated titles since their announcement back in 2002. At TGS, we sat down with the games' producer, Mr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, to find out what to expect from these games - and perhaps learn a bit more about how Resident Evil 4 metamorphosed into the product it has.
  2. Rated 4 out of 5 by Fan man from PlayStation 4 has a great graphics not such as PS2 I played on the Sony PlayStation 2 recently in 2012 and I was doing good playing Resident Evil 4 and I complete some of the chapters recently like in 2016.

Resident Evil 4: Premium Edition. A collector's edition of Capcom's PS2 version of the instant-classic fourth entry in the horror trend-setter. The Resident Evil 4: Premium Edition features a making-of DVD, as well as a RE artbook and an art cell of Ada Wong. Shinji Mikami intended Resident Evil 4 to be a GameCube-exclusive and said he would commit harakiri if the game was ever ported to another platform. He ended up leaving Capcom after learning that.

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Beat Game Fast!!!!

You cannot use this trick the first time you play. But after you beat the game you unlock the infinite launcher buy it and when you fight saddler after you take out a few eyes Ada will throw a special rocket launcher don't use it what ever you do then when you restart again you should b teleported to the saddler fight then you beat the game. I don't reccomend using the trick but it is pretty cool.

Raising Hit Ratio

To raise your hit ratio you need to do a fewthings.
1. Beat the story mode once
2. Beat ada's story (seperate ways) (this unlocksthe two things you need)
3. Gain 1, 000, 000 ptas and buy the Chicagotypewriter
4. Start a new game on old game and choose secretcostume 2.
Once you do all this once you get Ashley, she willbe in her knight armor and can't be killed sojust shoot her as long as you want and it willcount as a hit but she will not die.

Save Your Ammo

First you shoot there leg then if able kick, fankick, or suplex then when they're down, use yourknife.

Unlockable Weapon: Matilda

A 3-round burst fire pistol, perfect fordropping an enemy quickly although it usesammunition rather quickly. It will set you back agood 70,000 ptas.


Beating The Mercenaries (on Any Character)

Start any mission then (depending on the mission) either kill the level boss or get a crowd formed and get a time bonus. All of the characters have their own special weapon or ability (leon/shotgun) (wesker/thrustpunch/magnum) (krauser/arm attack/bow) (HUNK/custom tmp/neckbreak{yes its a one hit kill attack}) (ada/semi auto rifle).

Flash Geanades Instead Of Bullets

If you are shooting a zombie and there head blows off, then a parasite will bust through but fear not! If you don't want to waste bullets, take out a flash grenade throw it and his/her head will automatically explode, then they will die. (note: heads have to be exploded, will not kill then if the head is intact).

Most Valuble Treasure

To get a treasure that is worth 48,000 pesetas,you will need to pick up the crown on the deadmonks hand at the sewer part of that spiketrapthat salazar traps you with. Then when youfight the roach-guy, try to kill him and youwill get a green and gold jewel. To get the lastpart of the crown, you must get past the hugehammer trap to get to a stone elevator. There isan insignia on it. Combine all the jewels to getthe salazar family crown and it is worth 48,000pesetas!

Defeating Krauser

Lots of people say you can't kill Krauser with arocket launcher but you can. Aim your rocketlauncher at Krauser's knees he should die if youdon't have a rocket launcher. Slice and dice himwith your knife when he gets close to you. Note:don't forget to dodge.

How To Annoy Ashley

If you tilt the camera to look up Ashley'sdress, and she will tell you so. It's not usefulat all, but is is very useful if you likeannoying people

3 Great Ways To Save Ammo!!!

These are incredibly useful in professional mode, #1: If you select costume 2 at the beginning of the game ashley will be wearing armor. The ganodos can't hurt her or pick her up. So take her out in the open areas were the ganado will try to grab her. They'll fall down and you can knife them till they die. #2: Climb up a ladder and knife the ganado as they climb up. #3: Shoot a ganado a few times in the arms or legs then suplex them. (this also stops the parasites from coming out of their heads. ).

Killing The Monk

To kill the monk without letting him get to thegattling gun you must first chase him he runsinto the room with the monk with a shield. Turnaround head for the door that is locked but beforeyou get there there is a spot where you can jumpdown to the ground floor. Run into the door wherethe monk is in then hurry up and shoot him.Note: try killing him with a tmp this way youdon't have the guns recoil.

Almost Unstoppable

After you beat the game with Leon and Ada you get2 costumes and infinite weapons. Select costume 2,buy a vest, the Chicago typewriter, and later theinfinite launcher and you wont have to worry aboutammo, Ashley's health, or losing lots of health.

First Level

On the first level, when your in the house andthe undead are trying to get in, people normallythink they have to use the door. You don't, usethe window to the right of the door.

Fire Dragon Room

When you enter the 'Fire Dragon room' instead ofusing the rocket laucher to take down the metaldragons, simply shoot at the chains that therehanging from with your rifle! This way you notonly saves you a launch, but also thefrustration if you happen to miss the shot!

Jet Ski Fun!

At the end of the game after killing Saddler youget to use a Jet Ski! It is really fun.

Luis Kills You

If you attack Luis too many times a cut screenwill appear and Luis will shoot you in the chest.

Broken Butterfly In Castle

When you are in the area where you are just aboutto see the intermission sequence with Luis dying,there will be a door that lets you know that youwill need another person for it. After you getAshley back, return to this door. Give Ashley apiggyback and she will open the door. Inside willbe a lot of treasure, and the powerful BrokenButterfly. You do not have to buy it from themerchant or sell it for money.

Unlockable Weapon: The Chicago Typewriter

A tompson machinegun witha firepower of 10 and unlimited ammunition wiothno reload can be unlocked for purchase at themerchant by completing the game, as well ascompleting the Separate Ways campaign with Ada Wong.

How To Kill All Of The Bosses And Sub-Bosses

Lets start with Dr. Salvador. You go in the house with the door open. After the cut scene, you go up stairs and grab the shot gun and ammo. Then go out the window with two people the jump out. Then go on the other side of the house roof then blast whoever away. Next is Del Lago. Use the spears to hit him and when you are about to hit something turn right always. Now El Gigante. Level up your TMP as much as you can. Then keep shooting him until he gets down then slash the Plaga on his back. Next is the Bella sisters. Do the same and Dr. Salvador. The Chief is hard but easy. You buy a rocket launcher before the battle and have a flash grenade. Firts you use the TMP on his first stage then on his second stage you flash bang and right when you do that shoot him with the rocket launcher. Next is the claw guy. Keep knifing the bells the rifle the plaga on his back. Now Verdugo. Get the broken butterfly then the striker. Level either one up. The use the tanks all over the place and when there are no more tanks use the broken butterfly. Ramon Salazar is easy. Shoot the eye of the thing then use a rocket launcher on him then he is dead. J . J is also easy sorta. Use the rifle and flash grenades and hand grenades. Krauser Is difficult to beat but if you do this correctly you can beat him easy. When you dodge his attack run towards him and keep knifing. Should take about 13 knife hits to kill him. Last But Not Least Is SADDLER. ALL YOU NEED IS THE MINE THROWER LEVELED UP ALL THE WAY AND A ROCKET LAUNCHER. SHOOT SADDLER 1 TIME WITH THE MINE THROWER THEN GET ON HIM THEN SHOOT HIM AGAIN BUT THIS TIME WHEN HE IS DOWN SHOOT HIM WITH THE ROCKET LAUNCHER. AT THAT POINT ADA WILL THROW THE SPECIAL LAUNCHER. YOU CAN USE THAT OR KEEP USING THE MINE THROWER. I hoped this helped a lot.

How To Make A Parasite Go Away

To make the parasite (things that cut you) go away in one shot shoot it where it is beating with a red9 and that is the first choose the second is when they come throw a flash grenade that should do it now go out there and kill those son of a $*%$s.

How To Kill Infected Wolfs In Two Shots

Get on the boat, throw two harpoons at the wolfs. And that should do it.

Secret Passage

After you defeat the giant fish, there will be a secret passage with two blue lights. Go in it and there will be a merchant. Go up the steps but do not go in the building. Turn left, and you will see a box. Go toward it and push it, and there will be three containers. Crush them and turn right and climb up the ladder. There will be another box, push it straight. Then turn right, there will be another box. Turn left and turn right. You will see two containers. Crush both of them and when you get to the last turn turn right. There will be a secret passage to get rifle ammo. And grab it. That's it.

1 Lava 2 Kills

After you defeat the chain saw and you get to the part with to giants go up the ladder slide down (do it repeatedly)and when the to giants are in the same spot where you make a hole of lava they will both die (but do not stand to close to the lava after the giant are in wait till the top closes because they will grab you so be careful).

How To Kill Salzar In Two Shots

First, get a mine thrower and shoot close to the eye (or on the eye), get out your rocket launcher, aim and shoot salzar.

Helpful Doggie

The little dog in the trap in the beggining (don't shoot the poor doggie) help the doggie and when you fight the giant I call rio grande the dog helps but he just distracts the giant!

Easy Beggining Level

After using the binoculars on the beginning level (with Leon), run towards the tower up ahead. If you r on easy when they throw Molotovs (exploding bottles), u will not die. If you r on pro you will have to b careful, Anyway if you wait awhile up there Ada will ring the bell and the zombies go away. NOTE:do not wast ammo up there.

Pass The First Part Of The Village Without Dying

As you enter the first part of the village soon after you begin the game, instead of firing any shots and dying, run to the tower and clime up, stay there until the bell rings. You will get hurt from the Molotovs but even if you run out of health in your health bar, you will not die. After the bell rings and they leave, you don't have to worry about anybody. Collect all the items in the village and head off to the next part of the game.

Deafeating The Phycho Chainsaw

Note:he usually appears at game start. Leon: run around and look for at least 2 grenades (if you can't find those then use the red barrels) it may take a minute and it may look like hes not taking damage when you shoot him with the shotgun but he is (he just doesnt stumble easily). Ada: run to the roof of the building with the slider on it (just incase) wait for him to get in sight and shoot him with the sniper (he will stumble when you shoot him). Krauser: simple press R2, aim and kill. HUNK: toss a few grenades at him (i don't know if using a flash grenade to stun him and snap his neck will work I havnt tried it) he should die after 2 or 3 grenades. Wesker: don't use the magnum it doesnt make him stumble (that can be fatal) use the sniper instead (basically you're doing the same thing that you did with ada.

Killing Sadler W/ Leon

Shoot his arm w/ the open eye ball and then when it says (cut) at the bottom of the screen press the (x) button to cut sadlers big eye. Then run under him and get behind him and repeat.

How To Kill The Big Cheese

When it is time to kill the man with the long beard [the big cheese] shoot at the brown part where his stomach meets his waste. Then when he is on the banisters shoot his extra arms that help him stay up. You get 30, 000 in money for killing him, plus you get is glass eye that unlocks after you face the giant the 2nd time.

Killing Predator Clone (Salazar's Right Hand)

Resident Evil 4 Ps2 Cheats

If you want to kill him/it quickly just run into the room before he even jumps down (note: you will have to keep dodging him, he will try to hit you from above) then run to the power box turn it on. Then the shutters will close, run to the press click to open them (then it will say not for a few minuets) at the same time the Right Hand will jump down in a video mode. After that just run past him knock over the NL2 (Red tank you see when you walked in) then when he's frozen, hit him with rocket launcher (if you don't have infinite but the one shot one from the merchant after you fall into the hole, if you miss him he unfreezes better to have infinite rocket launcher just in case).

Killing Predator Clone (Salazar's Right Hand)

First, after you fall into the hols with the spikes, go to the merchant and but the rocket launcher. ( have it equipped the whole time, its faster this way) Then go up the ladder and keep going strait. (note: there will be a movie when the right hand will run toward the door but he does not get you) After opening the door keep going forward until you get to a room all the way at the end of the hall (he will try to hit you from above and below make sure to dodge him! ) Then run all the way to the power source in the right far corner of the room, turn it on. (shutters will close) then run to the shutters and click to open them (he will jump down) Run to the red tank you saw when you walked in knock it over (this will freeze him) as soon as you knock it over take out rocket launcher and shoot him.

The Flash Is Mightier Than The Bang!

Many time is Re4, a flash grenade is a powerful weapon. Example: A flash grenade will knock one of those guys who look like wolverine down so his Los Plagos host is showing, I have heard it does the same to El Giganto.

Killing Krauzer The Easy Way

You could use this hint on normal or professional. The easiest way to kill Krauzer is to slice him with you knife and dodge his insane attacks then when he is about to kick you take out your knife and slice him (as this does magnum damage) when he falls to the ground on his knees slice him in the head or face and he will go down in seconds, Try to get him close to a wall or a cliff so he doesn't have enough room to do his insane attacks. Using your guns will just waste your ammo on him on professional mode because it will be harder to hit him with your guns than using your knife. (Normal Mode you will not use alot of ammo but its still better to use your knife).

Ashley As A Distraction

When you beat the game twice and get the special costume 2 use the costume throughout the game to use Ashley as a distraction because she has armor and cannot be killed no matter what. Tell Ashley to wait and let the zombies try to get her when they drop her and fall to the ground cut them with your knife to save ammo and kill them.

Fight With Salazar

2 easy hits: one mine thrower shot to eyedtentacle, one rocket to Salazar when he emerges.Pretty much everything in the game is killedwith one rocket. Everything but saddler himselfand IT.

Easy Kills

For some reason, when you are at the chapterwhere you get special help from Mike (the guy inthe helicopter) you can kill the guys with only 5handgun bullets if you shoot them in the legs. Ikilled them with the regular handgun that wasupgraded to 2.0, this is a really useful tip ifyour trying to save ammo or trying to beat thegame at a certain time limit.

Easy Kill The First El Gigante

To kill the first el gigante really easy, buy a rocket launcher from the merchant and equip it at the beginning of the battle. Now aim it at the giants chest and fire away. This will be a one hit kill.


When you get to the garbage room towards themiddle/end of game, the you first room you comeinto has a lever. Go up next to it and press x.Then you should be able to use the crane to killthree people. Four if your careful.


Saving Ammo

If you are being chased by zombies, climb up aladder. Then, wait for them to start climbing. Cutthem with your knife. They will fall off theladder, [repeat]. This saves ammo.

Fighting The Huge Roach Guy That Is Super Fast

When you are waiting for the elevator to openyou will have to fight him. Go near one ofthose tanks and when he is near you click theaction button(x) and it will freeze him. Thencontinue to fire rounds at him. (I preferedthe one shot kill of the bazooka).

Beat Saddler Easier

If you want to beat Saddler easier just use theMine Thrower, as long as the mine sticks to hisbody he'll get stunned by the explosion and ifyou have enough ammo you won't even have tooperate the machines or blow his eyes out to stunhim.

Get Infrared Vision

Are you tired of wasting your ammo trying to killthe 'Regenerators'? If you are, after your firstencounter with one them go inside the freezerroom turn right on the first room to unfreeze theroom and then go to the second, open the case andyou'll find the infrared scope. Now you can findtheir weak spots.

Get The Handcannon

In order to get the Handcannon you must beat allstages with all characters in a 5 stars rankingfor the Mercenaries. The best thing about it isthat you get it for free and if you fullycustomized it'll have a firepower of 99.9 andunlimited ammo.

El Gigantie (Second Time)

After the farm house with Luis go to the rightpath to th monster it's easier. If you save yourmoney buy a rocket launcher to kill him him inone shot or shoot the boulder and kick thechained door. after the shacks run to the rightwhile running to the other door. Kick the dooruntil it breaks. It should be right behind you sorun. Run back to the shacks. If you ran to theright earlier the shacks should be destroud. Pickup all the iteams and you'll get a key. The keyunlocks a door to get away from the monster.

Ashley In Armor

When you beat the game for the second time andyou play it a third you come to the screen whereyou can choose your special costume choosespecial costume two. When you rescue Ashley sheis in a suit of armor it looks quite funny butit is actually quite useful Ashley can not gethurt at all even rocket launchers don't affecther. plus when the bad guys try to carry heraway she is to heavy for them to carry her awaythis great because you don;t have to worry abouther health and save it all for yourself. thismake the game much easier for you to beatbecause you wont die for not healing her orprotecting her from bad guys.

Shootig Game

On the castle after Ashley helps you with thetwo planks, to elevate some blocks from thewater and make some sort of a bridge, you reacha save place, there you can find a blue door atthe left of the room behind the stairs. When youenter you can see the merchant behind a desk,the game can only be played with the guns thathe have. After you've reached an amount ofpoints you win bottle caps like one with AdaWong, they also have sounds. The prizes can beseen on the treasure/key menu.

Sell That Gun For A Little More

Has there ever been a time when you want to goto the merchant and sell one gun for another butyou don't have enough? Well worries are over allyou have to do is just reload, and it will beworth a little more.

Evil Game Trick (The Game Will Cheat You)

When you reach the town where Leon gets a calland you are allowed at the begging of the levelto use the binoculars, don't start wastingbullets. Use the map to find the destinationmarker.Get your gum ready and unload bullets atthe chainsaw enemy and the one next to him tillthey die. Now run around and try not to getkilled for a while. Go behind by where the cowsare and you should trigger a cutscene where thebell chimes and the enemies go away. If it doesntwork try killing some enemies (make sure you savea good amount of ammo) or first try to run aroundfor a few minutes.


Resident 4 Ps2

When you rescue Ashley she will be besides youall the time, she is on the risk of being takenaway and if that happends you loose the game.Tere are some parts that have big trash cans,get near one and press L2 to make Ahlsey hide init, that way you can clear the area withouthaving too much trouble. Remember don't let thezombies take Ashley away.


The Punisher!

After you get to the village and all the zombiesgo away to pray, your next stop is a farm, thereare some blue medallions hanging, get ten ormore of those medallions and the merchant willgive you the Punisher. This is a fully automaticweapon that is more powerfull than the handgun.Note: The medallions are not only on the farmthere are more on the cementary. There are onlyseven on the farm.

Need help with the first 'El gigante'?

There is a dog at the very biginning of thegame, he is stuck in a bear trap, do not shoothim just get near him and the action comandappears in the screen push the X. Then whenyou're going to fight 'el gigante' #1, the dogwill appear and help you drawing the attentionof the monster.Note: Before the dog appear you'll need to shootsome rounds to the giant.

Unlockable Weapon: Infinite Rocket Launcher

Whats better than a zombie owning shotgun? An infinite rocket launcherof course! Simply beat the game once and theinfinite rocket launcher will be available forpurchase at the merchant. If of course you cancome up with 1,000,000 ptas ^_~

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Unlimited P.R.L 412 (Parasit Removal Laser)

Resident Evil 4 Playstation 2

To unlock the P. R . L 412 beat the game on professional mode.

Unlimted Hand Cannon

Beat the game with Leon 4 times and with Ada 3times.

Resident evil 4 ps2 vs ps4

Unlock The Chicago Typewriter For Ada In Seprate Ways

To unlock the Chicago Typewriter for Ada in Separate Ways you have to beat it once then it will be availible ant the merchant for 300, 000 ptas.

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