Ryohei Yamamoto Take Over Rar


Ryohei yamamoto take over rarely


Gokudera-Ryohei Ryohei-Yamamoto Yamamoto-Hibari Hibari-Tsuna. I posted a new story! Don't worry this will just probably be done within three to five chapters or just two. I'm hoping to finish this despite the other unfinished ones but whatever! When returning to the past for the Arcobaleno Trials, Yamamoto was chosen, along with Tsuna and Ryohei, to take part in Mammon's Test of Adaptability. Under the belief that Kyoko was being held hostage, the trio were forced to solve a series of riddles as well as fight a number of Box Weapons. Yamamoto was able to see through most of the illusions thanks to his experience fighting Genkishi. And 'Take Over' for Yamamoto Ryohei from his Warner Bros. Years (2003-2005) and 'onelove', 'the LIGHT' and 'you said' for Ryohei (sans the last name for his rhythm zone years), Ryohei has collaborated with many musical artists on his album and other artist's albums and singles.

Album [Rat the Wolf] 2010.3.10 rhythm zone

House Cover Album [Cavaca 3] 2008.12.10. rhythm zone

Best Album [Ryohei BEST 2CD] 2008.9.3 rhythm zone

Best Album [Ryohei BEST 2CD&DVD] 2008.9.3 rhythm zone

House Cover Album [Cavaca 2] 2007.12.5 rhythm zone

House Cover Album [Cavaca] 2007.7.18 rhythm zone

Album [ReListen] 2007.2.7 rhythm zone

Single [you said…] 2006.11.1 rhythm zone

Single [the LIGHT] 2006.7.26 rhythm zone

Single [onelove] 2006.3.8 rhythm zone

Publisher rocket for mac download. Album [Take Over] 2004.9.23 WARNER MUSIC JAPAN

Single [Take Over] 2004.9.8 WARNER MUSIC JAPAN

Single [Set Free] 2004.2.25 WARNER MUSIC JAPAN

Single [Believe Me] 2003.9.25 WARNER MUSIC JAPAN

Single [Almost There] 2003.6.25 WARNER MUSIC JAPAN


House Cover Album [Cavaca 2 EP II] 2008.1.21

House Cover Album [Cavaca 2 EP I] 2007.11.24

House Cover Album [Cavaca EP II] 2007.8.24

House Cover Album [Cavaca EP I] 2007.7.11

exibições 121

Kirameita furoa- kara
Tokui no vibe kuridasu tokei kuruidasu
Nani mo kanjinai no ka babe
Abiru spot light now this is your stage

Furuedasu ashimoto ga bass & trel to rizumu wo
Ima obikiyoseta na
Fudan doori don't be ashamed
Nozomu doori just do your thing

Machi ni matteta yoru ni
Kabe ni spray kakishirushiteta ano hi no you ni
I ain't gonna be like i used to be
I ain't gonna be the one
With the numb nibui oto wo utsu

Hajimete se ni kizanda
Tattoo ni kometa omoi ga mezameru toki wa
Kimi no egao shines like a star
Looking good, with the groove,
Tearing up the sound system

* take over now takabutta omoi himeta mama
Take over now mayoi tachikitte
Let me hear you shout
Take over now sashikomu asahi se ni hikiuketa
Take over now ima koe wo chikara ni kaeta
Take over now..

Takabutta omoi kara
Ima kimi wo kono basho kara tsuresaritai na
Mic ubatte call your name
Clap hitotsu be my lady dj

L, 2, 3..it's my turn to rock the m-i-c
Everybody better get ready
Make some noise so you can rock with me

Ryohei yamamoto take over rarely

Ryohei Yamamoto Take Over Rarely

Doramutikku na maiku tekunikku to
My ririkku wa kuikku
Like majikku ka torikku kikihoreru
Kick to snare 1, 2 & 3
Kitto hook no 1ã-8 made tobitsudzukereba
Osaekirenai kodou so out of control
Oto ni yurete kimi ni hashiridasu

* repeat

Bring in the beat bring it on the dance hall
Now get on your feet, get'm on the dance floor
Come pull it up, pull it from the high to the low
Until we see the sunrise hit the window
Now bring in the bass line and shout
Take over, the selecta and now let it go
Cause this is representing
The far east sound and we're gonna be partying
Bouncing to the record spinning

Ryohei Yamamoto Take Over Rare

* repeat..

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