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Seagate is one of the leading manufacturers of hard drives in the market at the moment. These hard drives can keep data for a long period. However, when you are selling your Seagate hard drive or thinking about recycling it then you should wipe it clean. This will ensure that the person buying the hard drive won’t have to deal with your old data. Another instance when you need to wipe Seagate hard drive is when you have some sensitive data on it which you can’t allow to fall in the wrong hands. Now, merely deleting the data won’t completely erase it from the hard drive and the use of a data recovery tool would be enough to recover it all back.

How to Permanently Wipe Seagate Hard Drive


Since data deletion isn’t enough to erase the sensitive data on your Seagate hard drive, you need a more secure way of permanently wiping it. Download adobe photoshop for mac. However, most of these tools don’t work according to their specifications and can’t be used to permanently wipe Seagate hard drive. Stellar BitRaser for File is the only data erasure tool that can be used for secure wiping on Seagate hard drives.

  • Intuitive Design and Layout Stellar BitRaser for File has an intuitive design and layout. It makes navigating the various features of this data erasure tool a lot easier. Anyone can use this software to wipe their Seagate hard drive without encountering any issues.
  • Erases All Traces of Data from MS Apps This data erasing software is capable of erasing data from all the MS apps installed on a PC. Whether you have Windows Media Player, Paint, or WordPad, Stellar BitRaser for File can permanently erase all of the data from these apps within seconds.
  • Permanently Erases Chat Histories Skype and Yahoo have a habit of storing the chat histories on the computer. Thus, anyone with access to your computer can view the messages you have sent using these chat messengers. Stellar BitRaser for File can help you in erasing the chat histories maintained by these messengers and ensure that your privacy is never compromised.
  • Windows Compatibility Stellar BitRaser for File has been designed to be compatible with various versions of Windows. So, if you are using Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 then you won’t have any difficulty in using this data erasure tool for wiping your Seagate hard drive.
  1. Launch Stellar BitRaser for File on your Windows computer.
  2. Connect your Seagate hard drive to PC and select it.
  1. Selecting the Seagate hard drive and click the 'Erase Now' button to process.
  2. It will wipe your hard drive permanently, reboot your system after erase.
Seagate Hard Drive Utility Download

A single pass of Stellar BitRaser for File can permanently wipe Seagate hard drive and erase its data forever. However, if you think that there is still a chance the data isn’t erased then you can have a couple more passes just to be sure. This would ensure beyond the shadow of a doubt that your Seagate hard drive is wiped clean and doesn’t have any traces of its old data left behind.

So, if you want to wipe Seagate hard drive before you are selling or recycling it then you will need a powerful data erasing tool. Such tools are readily available on the internet but don’t offer the desired results. Stellar BitRaser for File is one of the few data erasure tools which can wipe the data from a Seagate hard drive and ensure that it can’t be recovered.

  • If you need some of the data that is on the hard drive you are about to wipe clean then create backups of it beforehand. This data wouldn’t be recoverable once the hard drive has been wiped.
  • Never make use of ordinary data erasure tools as they can damage the hard drive and can’t effectively erase all their data.

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