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Sophos sells a single antivirus software package, Sophos Home Premium, in one-, two-, and three-year subscriptions. Home Premium on a one-year plan costs $42 for the first year and $60 for each. Sophos has a 99% efficiency in removing Windows malware and 100% for Mac malware while the rest have efficiency rates below 98%. The only protection it performs a bit less is for PUA protection. While it scans all PUAs, it removes only 74% of them.

Sophos has become a popular name in the world of antivirus protection. Their antivirus tool, though free of charge, is limited in its protection capabilities.

With the premium program, your banking information is protected. Your privacy is assured, and all kinds of malware are stopped before they access your files. Viruses are removed in real-time. PUAs are blocked, and you get an online account to manage multiple devices in one place

Review sophos home premium for mac

To sum it up, Sophos fulfills its promises in offering unparalleled protection with utmost efficiency. They protect both Windows and Mac computers.

Spyware, Malware & Ransomware Scans

Sophos becomes active the moment you power on your computer. When you visit the Internet, the antivirus program immediately scans your browsers for any traces of malware infections. The free program also confirms whether a website may be harmful or not and blocks the harmful sites.

The premium Sophos virus protection program goes beyond blocking potentially harmful websites. It takes a proactive approach instead, monitoring your browser for suspicious bots and apps. Any threats found are instantly neutralized. Phishing attacks are stopped, and hackers are detected before they infiltrate your PC.

Antivirus (Basic for Free users and Premium for Paid users)

Both paid and free Sophos anti-virus users get real-time protection against computer threats. Whether the viruses come from external drives or from the Internet, Sophos neutralizes them instantly. Unlike many antiviruses, Sophos doesn’t bother with multiple types of scans. It does one comprehensive scan when activated, removing all kinds of threats.

As several lab tests have noted before, there is a difference in performance between Sophos’ free and paid programs. The free program identifies fewer PUAs (Potentially unwanted Apps) compared to the paid plan. The difference isn’t huge, but it’s worth noting.

Remote Management (Basic and Premium users)

Sophos permits you the right to monitor your family’s computers with their permission. How to download wurst on mac 2017. If you are the most tech-savvy person in your family, link your parents’ accounts to yours. You’ll be able to view security accounts from all accounts and block recommended sites. You can change the security settings and manage scans for all computers from your account.

Banking Protection (Premium Users)

In addition to the privacy protection feature that encrypts your keystroke, Sophos anti-virus has more features to protect your bank details. Your credit card numbers and key login details to E-wallet accounts are also safeguarded.

If you can’t take the provider’s word for it, know that their banking protection feature is MRG Effitas certified. That makes it one of the most effective tools to monitor and stop any suspicious activities targeting your banking information.

Ransomware Protection (Premium Users)

As ransomware attacks continue to increase worldwide, Sophos makes an effort to prevent you from being a victim. The top-rated antivirus program uses advanced technologies to monitor and filter out Ransomware files. It continuously checks your browsers for threats and blocks every single one of them in real-time.

Usually, Ransomware gets hold of your computer files and encrypts them to deny you any access. You then get threats and messages demanding money to get access to your files back. In most cases, the ransom is usually huge, and you don’t get your files back even after you pay. Sophos keeps you protected to ensure none of those scenarios ever happen to you.

Email Scans

Sophos is known to offer good phishing protection from anything to sites that contain malware, to email scams that aim to access your personal information. Therefore it will help deter you from opening email scams that could damage your device.

Review Sophos Home For Mac

Download Protection

Sophos catches malware at the download stage, it will automatically be scanned based on a reputations score. If the host has a low reputation score, Sophos would advise not to go ahead with the download.

Resource Usage

When it comes to its scanning speeds, the antivirus takes almost an hour to complete a scan. Both Bitdefender and Avast tend to be faster. In terms of efficiency, Sophos outranks all of them. Sophos has a 99% efficiency in removing Windows malware and 100% for Mac malware while the rest have efficiency rates below 98%. The only protection it performs a bit less is for PUA protection. While it scans all PUAs, it removes only 74% of them. By comparison, both McAfee and Norton antiviruses remove more than 96% (as ranked by PC Magazine).

Real-time Scanning

Sophos isn't designed to have multiple kinds of scans. If you click the scan feature, it does an in-depth assessment of your computer for threats.

A configuration tab on Sophos' user interface allows you to enable or disable different kinds of protection with ease. From web protection to real-time protection, you can configure the program depending on what services you want. If you don’t want your teenagers accessing adult sites, you can block them with one click.

Privacy Policy

Sophos Antivirus Review For Mac

Paying customers of Sophos receive a privacy protection service. With it, you get alerts if someone snoops on your computer's webcam or mic. Your keyboard's keystrokes are also encrypted to block keylogger tools from identifying your passwords as you type them.

Sophos Free Antivirus For Mac Review

Considering that keylogging is one of the most common ways hackers get into your devices, privacy protection is a must-have feature. Most webcams and microphones are never safe also. If you must secure your computer, ensure you have privacy protection guaranteed.

Customer Support

Sophos will come to your rescue should you need assistance concerning their antivirus. First, they have a knowledge base where everyone can visit to find solutions to common problems. If not satisfied, you can always contact them. A web chat is available to premium customers. Alternatively, they can use web forms as a means of contacting Sophos, noting that phone calls are not allowed. Free customers can’t access customer support.