Steam Games For Windows And Mac

Not all games available through Steam run on Mac OS X. In some cases, the game is not SteamPlay enabled, which means Steam doesn't offer the Mac version, in other cases, there is no Mac version of many of the games on Steam. Obviously, for those games for which a Mac native client is available, via SteamPlay, that's the best option for. Sometimes a great game on Windows can suffer from extremely poor MacOS performance, or even worse, a broken Mac version. That’s why testing these games on Mac hardware is critical for us. In this list, you’ll only find games that are both great and have proper MacOS support.

The best and easiest way to play Windows Steam games on Mac is to use GeForce Now for Mac, an Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service for macOS and Mac OS X users. Currently, it has a Beta form in Europe and the US.

On a Windows PC or a computer, it is comparatively easy to install and play games you like. Mac computers are best in productivity and in the design but since a long time Mac users have compromised on gaming. Well there is some good news, now even Mac users can enjoy best gaming on their Mac. Now Mac users have a dedicated revolutionary gaming store that is Steam. So, without further delay let’s look at some of the best games on Steam.

10 Best Games on Mac Steam in 2019

1. Killing floor

If you love to play horror games then killing floor should be the first choice. The game is a survival horror FPS in which you need to cleanse hostile creatures in an English countryside with your team of six which must work cooperatively. Completion of each round gives you money to upgrade your weapons. The quality of the game is proven by it being one of the most loved game since 2009

2. Besiege

If you know what is art of destructions then another best Mac game on Steam is Besiege. There is a lot of building and destruction involved. It can be an hour’s task or can also be ended earlier. We love the game because there is no need to be stuck on it for days or months to solve the mysteries. You can create something which is magnificent or something that will be destroyed by just pressing space bar. You can get it for $6.99 which is definitely worth considering what the game has to offer.

3. League of legends

League of legends is one of the most popular game people play online. There are around 68 million players who play this game. If we talk about MOBA world then this game is the perfect entry. This game is one of the top 10 Mac games for free to play and there is nothing to lose. You can spend hours playing this game and enjoying the new battle grounds.

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4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

When it comes to top steam games almost every gamer knows this game very well. Like it always happens in CS you have to join either terrorists or the counter terrorist team. You can choose from 5 different game modes and in all the modes you should defend yourself from getting killed, because in that case you need to wait until next round for re-spawn.

5. Team Fortress 2

The classic game Team Fortress doesn’t require an introduction. It is a team based game. Goofy and riddled it is a perfect pick for everyone. Despite the number of years that this game has been around for, it still has a growing fan base. In this game you will find different people with different weapons.

6. BioShock

BioShock is a FPS game and has been around from the last 10 years. It is compatible with multiple gaming platforms such as PlayStation Xbox. So, you may find large number of online partners. Graphics of the game are beautifully designed and give you a real feel of diving deep inside.

7. Tomb Raider

Every day you will find new steam games but who hasn’t heard of Tomb Raider? Lara croft, one of the biggest gaming icons made a comeback in 2013 with a new title Tomb Raider. For those who need introduction for this game, Lara Croft is an archaeologist who stumbles across many adventures. Like always this game is known for its beautiful design and you will love to uncover the adventure.


8. Broken Age

Broken Age is an art style story book game which is really refreshing. All and all you can control two main characters, a girl and a boy who live abroad with computerized parents. The relationship between characters is something which you will have to solve by yourself.

9. Final Soccer

Next pick is for sports lovers. If soccer is your favorite sport and you have VR compatible kit then you will find this game the best Mac game on Steam. Visuals of this game are awesome and you will find yourself lost in it. With your VR kit you need to stretch yourself but you will really enjoy playing it.

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10. Golfing Over It

For all the golf lovers this game will be a perfect pick. You might have played lots of games with the Normal golf set but this game is different. You need to bounce the golf ball over different shapes and creations. If you can do it perfectly you will level up. The game is lightweight and a perfect pick to refresh your mind.

So, these were 10 best Mac games on Steam. Apart from this you can choose from more than 6000 games on the store but if you are a beginner then first you should choose from top 10 Mac games for free. With this now Mac lovers will also have better gaming experience than ever before.

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Gaming is one of the most common internet activities worldwide. Online gaming has become extremely popular owing to the advancements in the mobile and internet technologies. Of course the traditional, console gaming is still very mainstream. But, there is no denying that online gaming is catching up rapidly, thanks to the amazing gaming platforms like Steam. If you like to play games on Steam, you must have noticed that it features a lot of paid games. But, did you know it also has some awesome free games as well. Here is the list of top ten free games on Steam you must definitely play.

10 Trending Steam Games You must Try on PC

1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is easily one of the best Steam games you could play these days. It offers a highly engaging and immersive gaming experience. There are hundreds of characters you can pick from to play the game. Each character or hero has its own unique set of skills. Millions of gamers worldwide play this incredible game. It is popular among professional as well as casual gamers. Dota 2 is categorized as Multiple Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game and it happens to be a massive one. The objective is the game is to take the troops out to the battle, defeat the enemies and capture their base. Two teams play the game together at a time and each team consists of 5 players. There is a very large map on which resources are scattered at different locations. Dota 2 is highly addictive and it seems time just flies away while playing.

2. Paladins

If you are looking for a highly engrossing shooting game you can play with a team, Paladins is what you must log in to now. Paladins is considered to be designed in some likeness of another very popular game called Overwatch. There are plenty of characters to choose from. Each character offers you several unique skills and abilities. There are lots of elements borrowed from MOBA style of gaming as well. Your objective is to invade the enemy’s fortress and acquire four points. The objective is simple but not easy to achieve. It involves lots of strategies as well as brute force. Paladins game offers a large, yet easy to understand and navigate map. The game uses cool graphics creating a lot of visual interest and making game play experience more exciting.

3. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is another free Steam game you would be excited to play. It is much like an action Role Playing Game (RPG) but is also unique in many ways. The game environment is dark as most of the game play takes place at night. What we love the most about the game is the amazing graphics it offers. The visuals lend an incredible appeal to the game and make it even more interesting. Unlike the other games, here you don’t choose a hero. There are seven prisoners and you can pick one as your playable character. Needless to say, each character brings many unique skills and abilities. There are lots of quests to complete and thus Path of Exile offers several hours of game play. Along the way, you will find plenty of exploits and loots.

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4. PlanetSide 2

If you are looking for a MOBA Steam game that offers modern and futuristic warfare, get started with PlanetSide 2. The arsenals, war machineries, and futuristic weapons are the true soul of the game. There are hundreds of fighter planes, tanks, guns, and soldiers to choose from. The game offers three playing arenas in the form of three continents. There are in total six classes that remain the same across the continents. Well, we won’t say that PlanetSide 2 is the easiest game to understand and play. It does look a little overwhelming in the beginning. But, once you begin to get the hang of it, you will learn that it is indeed not that difficult. The objective is very simple – fight with your opponents and obliterate them.

5. Neverwinter


Neverwinter is definitely one of our favorite free Steam games. Play it and you will know why. First of all, this is game is packed with tons of features and game play options, which is difficult to find in any free game. In every way this game equals some of the best paid games. You will also be happy to know that this game is an extension or spin-off of the very famous Dungeons & Dragons game. In fact, Neverwinter is a fictional city in the D&D word which is the part of the ‘Forgotten Realms’. The game world is very huge and is depicted on a very well designed map. And, you don’t go out killing people indiscriminately. Neverwinter has several interesting stories tied to it. This MMORPG game requires certain level of skills to proceed through the stages.

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6. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is another incredible best Steam game, which is a lot of fun to play. This game is not completely free as it also has a premium version. While the paid version does offer many advanced tools and features, the free version seems good enough to us in terms of game play. Team Fortress 2 is a shooter game which you play with a team. The game play is pretty tight and engaging. The visuals are of high quality and add more interest to the game. Team Fortress 2 has been around for several years. However, it continues to be one of the most played games on Steam. Two teams play against each other with the simple objective of winning. There are various characters to choose from and you can pick them from 9 classes.

7. Smite

Smite is a wonderful Steam game that we have truly enjoyed playing. While it is a regular MOBA game in many ways, there is something very eye catching about it. The game camera is placed right behind the player and follows the character throughout the game play. This adds a new level of interest to the game and makes things even more visually exciting. This also makes things a little difficult as you can spot enemies position only when you are close to it. As a result, the game offers many melee combats as you realize there is an opponent only when you are up close. But, this does not mean there is no ranged shooting at all – in fact there is plenty. In this game you play a God and there are more than 50 to choose from. Each God has its own unique abilities and skills.

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8. Warframe


Warframe is another very popular free Steam game. In this game you play the character which is a Robot Ninja from the space. This itself adds a great deal of interest and makes people start playing the game. The game play itself is very engaging and highly entertaining. Warframe is a co-op videogame that is played in the third-person mode. You have to pick one from many robot suits available to you. Each suit has its own abilities and firepower. The abilities help you kill the aliens. Again, the game is not just about killing. There is a compelling storyline attached to it. But, when you have played the game for several hours and advanced through higher levels, you may find the story paying itself over. Still, it is a great game to play.

9. Eve Online

Eve Online is another pretty famous Massive Multiplayer Online Game. This game is largely about the use of brute force, ammo and firepower but there is quite a bit of strategy involved too. In Eve Online you have to spy on the enemies and then destroy their establishments and bases. The game is played in the space where you have to fight the enemy’s spaceships.

10. ArcheAge

ArcheAge is another one of the best free Steam games and does not require you to make any sorts of in-game purchases. Epub reader for pc download. This MMORPG game, in spite of being free, is highly addictive. One of the best things we like about this game is the storyline which just keeps on evolving with the game progress. There are tons of quests, objectives, and side objectives to complete. You also need to establish and evolve the town through farming, fishing, and other activities. The game play is very entertaining and engrossing. You would spend hours playing the game and yet not get tired. ArcheAge is a highly recommended game, especially if you like MMORPG.

Good steam games for mac

Steam Games For Mac And Windows

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