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Tafsir al Qurtubi is a Sunni tafseer of Holy Quran authored by Imam Abu Abdullah Qurtubi. Tafseer e Qurtubi is highly accepted by different schools of thought. Its other name is Al Jami al Ahkam al Quran. It is also known as Tafsir al Jami. This post contains a brief introduction and also the download links of Urdu translated Tafsir al Qurtubi. This exegesis has been published by Idara Zia ul Masannifeen. Different scholars have contributed to the Urdu translation of this classic Arabic work.

Al-Quran tak hanya berisi ayat aqidah dan akhlak. Ia juga berbicara soal hukum. Sekalipun secara kuantitatif tergolong sedikit, ayat-ayat hokum dalam al-Qur'an mencakup semua aspek kehidupan manusia. Di dalamnya ayat ibadah. Tapi banyak juga ayat.

There has until now been a dearth of translations of classical tafsir literature into English. With the first volume of this abridged translation of Imam al-Qurtubi's al-Jami' li-ahkam al-Qur'an ('The Compendium of Legal Rulings of the Qur'an'), an important step has been taken towards remedying this situation. Tafsir al-Qurtubi - Al-Jami' li Ahkam al-Quran Al. Qurtubi (671H) - ( (. Al maraghi online tafsir al maraghi indonesia pdf ebook terjemah. Tafsir Al-Qurtubi. Jan 17, 2012 Tafsir fiqhi atau ayat-ayat ahkam (hukum) telah tumbuh dan berkembang semenjak era rasulullah SAW, karena ia merupakan bagian dari al-Qur’an yang diturunkan Allah kepadanya.

Other books of Imam Qurtubi

Imam Qurtubi has written a number of Islamic books. Names of some of these books are as follows.

Imam Qurtubi consulted many famous and renowned exegesis during writing of this tafsir. Prominent among them is Tafseer e Baghawi (Ma’alim al Tanzil). Imam Qurtubi died in Egypt in 671 Hijri.

Tafseer e Qurtubi Urdu

Tafseer e Qurtubi has some characteristics which make it a great Tafseer of Quran. The author has mentioned all the details about individual Surah. This includes the Hadith which are related to that particular chapter. Then, the author also explains the reasons and circumstances behind revelation of a particular Surah.

The writing style of this Tafsir is different as compared to other exegesis of Holy Quran. There is also appropriate use of language to explain the hidden meanings of verses. Imam Qurtubi also elaborated the orders related to Fiqh in different verses. Moreover, he discussed the opinions of jurists and presented their arguments.

There is a careful use of semantics in Tafsir al Qurtubi. In short, Tafseer e Qurtubi is a great combination of different arts and fields of learning. It appears quite successful in revealing the hidden meanings of verses.

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Tafseer e Qurtubi is available in different number of volumes. Here Al Jami al Ahkam al Quran comes in 10 volumes. Unfortunately, there is no single file containing all the volumes.

Vol 1Vol 2Vol 3Vol 4Vol 5Vol 6 Vol 7Vol 8Vol 9Vol 10.

Qurtuba, Emirate of Taifa, Andalus
Died29 April 1273
EraIslamic golden age
Main interest(s)Tafsir, fiqh and hadith

Tafseer Qurtubi Urdu

Imam Abu 'Abdullah Al-Qurtubi or Abu 'Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Abu Bakr al-Ansari al-Qurtubi (Arabic: أبو عبدالله القرطبي‎) (d. 1272) [2] was an Andalusianjurist, Islamic scholar and muhaddith. He was taught by prominent scholars of Córdoba, Spain and he is well known for his commentary of the Quran named Tafsir al-Qurtubi.


Tafsir Al Qurtubi Indonesia Pdf Free


He was born in Córdoba, Al-Andalus in the 13th century. His father was a farmer and died during a Spanish attack in 1230. During his youth, he contributed to his family by carrying clay for use in potteries. He finished his education in Cordoba, studying from renowned scholars ibn Ebu Hucce and Abdurrahman ibn Ahmet Al-Ashari. After Cordoba's capture in 1236 by king Ferdinand III of Castile, he left for Alexandria, where he studied hadith and tafsir. He then passed to Cairo and settled in Munya Abi'l-Khusavb where he spent the rest of his life. Known for his modesty and humble lifestyle, he was buried in Munya Abi'l-Khusavb, Egypt in 1273. His grave was carried to a mosque where a mausoleum was built under his name in 1971,[3] still open for visiting today.

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He was very skilled in commentary, narrative, recitation and law; clearly evident in his writings, and the depth of his scholarship has been recognized by many scholars.[4] In his works, Qurtubi defended the Sunni point of view and criticized the Mu'tazilah.[5]


The hadith scholar Dhahabi said of him, '.he was an imam versed in numerous branches of scholarship, an ocean of learning whose works testify to the wealth of his knowledge, the width of his intelligence and his superior worth.'[1]

Bangla Tafsir Al Quran


  1. Tafsīr al-Qurṭubī: the most important and famous of his works, this 20 volume commentary has raised great interest, and has had many editions.[6] It is often referred to as al-Jamī' li-'Aḥkām, meaning 'All the Judgments.' Contrary to what this name implies, the commentary is not limited to verses dealing with legal issues,[7] but is a general interpretation of the whole of Quran with a Maliki point of view. Any claims made about a verse are stated and thoroughly investigated.
  2. al-Tadhkirah fī Aḥwāl al-Mawtà wa-Umūr al-Ākhirah (Reminder of the Conditions of the Dead and the Matters of the Hereafter): a book dealing with the topics of death, the punishments of the grave, the end times and the day of resurrection
  3. Al-Asnà fi Sharḥ al-Asmā' al-Ḥusnà
  4. Kitāb ut-Tadhkār fi Afḍal il-Adhkār
  5. Kitab Sharḥ it-Taqaṣṣi
  6. Kitab Qam' il-Ḥirṣ biz-Zuhd wal-Qanā'ah
  7. At-Takrāb li-Kitāb it-Tamhīd

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