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Being as PDF’s can’t be edited in their original version with standard word processing applications such as Microsoft Word, it is essential to find yourself a reliable and robust PDF editor for your Mac. This means that you won’t be compromising the initial quality or more importantly the original layout of the document. Today we are going to look at some of the best PDF editors, both. PDF Expert is one of Readdle's premium Apps. It has been the leading producer of PDF processing software on the iOS platform for quite some time. Since the launch of PDF Expert on the Mac platform.

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Are you looking for a PDF app for your macOS 10.14? There are quite a lot of PDF apps in the market that feature different functions and prices, which will make us confused about how to choose a right one for macOS 10.14. No worries, today we will cut your trouble and offer a list of top 9 PDF apps for macOS 10.14 with features, pros, cons, and prices.

9 Best PDF Apps for macOS 10.14

1. PDFelement

PDFelement is an application for various Mac products to view PDF files, edit and manipulate pages, secure and store information, change text, and fill out PDF forms. PDFelement for Mac can easily put your stamp on PDF files, share files without difficulties, split and merge pages of documents.

PDFelement for Mac has everything you need to work with PDFs, with spontaneous simple and effective solutions. This best PDF software for macOS 10.14 responds faster when you open a PDF with it and does not only help you fill out forms but also helps you save filled out forms online for easy sharing and sending.

It allows you to insert pictures and extract pages in just one click. With PDFelement for Mac, you can set a password to protect your PDF from being opened by another user. Some striking features of PDFelement for Mac include annotation and conversion of PDF files, allows users to include watermarks, electronically sign documents, highlight, strikethrough or underline texts in documents and allows for different viewing modes.

PDFelement for Mac has proven to be the best PDF editor for macOS 10.14 as it beats its competitors hands down when it comes to speed and performance. With an advanced OCR technology that converts scanned documents to editable PDF files, PDFelement for Mac can also convert your hand-written signatures into digital signatures, keeping your documents super authentic.


  • Excellent PDF conversion
  • User-friendly interface
  • High Compatibility and very easy to use
  • Extensive fonts
  • High security of files
  • Advanced OCR technology


  • Free version with a comprehensive PDF solution
  • $99/year

System Support

  • macOS 10.10 and above

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is another PDF software for macOS 10.14 and web services developed for creating, viewing, editing, printing, and managing PDF files. DC stands for Document Cloud which means that users can have their PDF files uploaded to the cloud and accessible on any device. The Document Cloud also includes Dropbox and e-signature integration.


  • Documents look the same way always
  • Compact file format to enable quick PDF sharing
  • Good for archiving


  • Documents cannot be edited, although users can fill forms
  • Documents need to be converted to PDF


  • $14.99/month

System Support

  • Processor – Intel
  • RAM – 1GB and above
  • Screen Resolution – 1024x768 and higher
  • Hard disk space – 2.75GB and above
  • macOS 10.10 and above

3. PDF Expert

PDF Expert is one popular easy to use macOS 10.14 PDF editor that allows you to read, manipulate, and annotate PDF documents from a centralized dashboard. With PDF Expert, you can edit images, texts, and links, fill forms, and electronically sign contracts. Problems of speed and working with several files are fixed in PDF Expert. The 'splitting and merging of documents' function is also available on PDF Expert.


  • Friendly interface
  • Quick search
  • Automatic detection of fonts


  • No OCR


  • $59.99

System Support

  • macOS 10.10 and above

4. iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft is most suitable for businesses. Its features include creating, editing, converting, signing, and placing of watermarks on PDF files. This batch-processing tool used by the likes of Nike, IBM, and other multi-million companies can easily upload and edit multiple documents at the same time. This literally means that you can convert and watermark as many PDF documents as you wish. With iSkysoft PDF, you can convert PDFs into searchable and editable files. The integration of document password protection stands iSkysoft PDF Editor out.

Best Pdf For Macos

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  • OCR functions
  • High-level security


  • It is expensive
  • It has Compression issues


Best Mac Pdf Reader

  • $99.95

System Support

  • macOS 10.10 and above

5. PDFpen

This user-friendly interfaced app can create, edit, and share PDF files allowing users to include drawings and add texts on documents. This best PDF app for macOS 10.14 also allows users to design, fill, and embed forms on existing documents. PDFpen supports the electronic signature feature and different methods of document and image exports to other formats. A recent fix in the PDFpen app welcomed annotations for marking up PDF files and sharing them without modification. Some striking features of PDFpen include but are not limited to the addition of comments, availability of more advanced TOCs (Table Of Contents), and addition of image formats.

In general, PDFpen lets you manage texts, images, annotations and almost anything that comes with a document page.


  • Exports image and document in any format
  • Integration of OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


  • Tool selections and icons are not transparent enough


The best pdf editor for mac
  • $74.99

System Support

  • macOS X

6. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader for macOS comes in multiple languages (specifically forty-two languages, including English) and is used in creating, viewing, editing, and signing PDF documents. With Foxit Reader, users can easily add notes and comments to PDF documents. The ConnectedPDF technology feature integrated into Foxit Reader gives users the privilege to share and reject documents, monitor who views your documents and what they do, and get reviews or request for files.


  • Job Access With Speech (JAWS) feature to enable blind users read the screen
  • Ideal for presentations
  • Large files are supported


  • Integration of unwanted programs

System Support

  • macOS 10.8 (version 7 and above)
  • macOS 10.12 (version 8 and above)

7. Skim

Skim, an open-source PDF app developed with Objective-C is used to create, view, edit, and bookmark PDF files. Its features vary from manipulation of text formats, inclusion, and editing of notes and comments. Its design is to enable users with annotations of scientific papers in PDF files and take screenshots for reference purposes.


  • Improved presentation mode
  • Navigation with a table of contents and text highlight
  • Allows addition of circles


  • No OCR
  • Unintuitive basic features


  • Free

System Support

  • Intel
  • macOS 10.6 and above

8. Preview

Preview serves as both an image viewer and a PDF viewer for macOS 10.14. It gives Mac users the privilege to view, print and share images or PDF files. Preview can open files in Al (Adobe Illustrator files), PDF (Portable Document Format), PNG (Portable Network Graphics files), PPT (PowerPoint files), GIF (Graphics Interchange Format files), JPEG (Joint Photograph Experts Group files), BMP (Bitmap files) and a host of other formats. Preview has a distinguishing feature of encrypting files and restricting the use of such files. With Preview, you can encrypt and save a file so that a password is required by users to access, copy and print information from the file.


  • Easy looping of lost animated GIFs
  • Preview of lost playback


  • Encrypted PDFs cannot be edited when the original version is lost
  • No support for ISO-Standardized PDF
  • Destroys PDFs without warning

System Support

  • Intel
  • macOS X 10.5 and above

9. PDF Reader Premium

The PDF Reader Premium app is another best PDF editing software for macOS 10.14 that serves as a file manager and editor. Manipulation of PDF files and the addition of freehand writing, annotations, sticky notes, and text boxes is easily carried out with the PDF Reader Premium. In order to ensure important files aren’t difficult to find, documents can be tagged and labeled in your workspace.

PDF Reader Premium's integration to the cloud is another exciting feature that comes in handy to enable you access and save documents on the cloud, and even back up already saved files on other devices. This app also supports the input of multiple or large files at the same time without lag.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integration to cloud
  • Advanced editing options


  • No OCR
  • May be slow


  • $59.99

System Support

  • macOS 10.5 and above

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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Working on PDF is quite difficult if done manually. Adding pictures, signatures, editing formats, customizing layouts are some basic workings of PDF file. Now with the growing use of PDF file sharing, this becomes interesting to edit your PDF file by using PDF utility software which is the convenient way to work on PDF. There are many PDF editors available in the market but the thing is which suits you the best among all. Here we have listed some of the best PDF editors for Mac this year.

Editing PDF nowadays becomes simple and quick with this PDF software. If you are only concerned with changing the format from PDF to text format, or text to PDF, the online tools are sufficient. But if you are having a lot of work with PDF files then the good software is recommended.

Before going to list of best PDF editor for Mac, let us understand the basics of how we rank these PDF editors.

After reviewing individual products from various forums, users experience, and our personal experience we are listing some of the top PDF editors for Mac.

What Can You Expect from A Good PDF Editor?

  • Ease of functions
  • Easily customization features
  • Speed and Quality
  • Create and Merge
  • Easily Convert & Export options
  • PDF security
  • Certify PDF with online signature.

These are some of the things that we must have before choosing a particular PDF editor. Check out the top 5 list of PDF editor for Mac.

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5 Best PDF Editor For Mac 2020

1. Wondershare PDFelement

PDFelement is our #1 recommendation, it is more in demand because of its less expensive. The easy to access features, front desk navigation makes editing clear. The thing that it comes on this list is having lots of toolbar button and you can customize as per your requirements.

Wondershare PDFelement Features

Password protection: Secure your PDF by keeping password protection. This feature makes your documents locked and no one can edit, modify the documents.

The Best Free Pdf Reader For Mac

Merge & Split: This option is similar to the Nitro Pro to compile multiple files into one or split one big PDF into multiple files. This is a quick process and does not require any professional knowledge. If you are running a business then PDFelement Pro is worth.

Multi-Language Support: This becomes very important to the users who have to manage their PDF files in other languages. This is not possible in many other PDF editing software. It supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Chinese. If you have worked among these languages then you must go for PDFelement.

Optical Character Recognition: This is the best thing that has been added to some of the PDF editing software. To make it more clear suppose you have to search any text in the PDF file, it may be of 100 pages, for that OCR is the best tool that makes your PDF readable and let you highlight the words you search. Without OCR feature this is impossible and consumes your time a lot.

Pricing: When comes for pricing PDFelement is cheapest among all when compared to its features. It will cost you $89.95 for 1 PC, $169.11 for 2-10 PC. Choose according to your requirement. If you are going for business then you can also go for 20+ PC. Higher you go more discount you get. Directly contact the sales department if going for 20+ PC to get a discount.

2. JotForm PDF Editor

JotForm PDF Editor offers something different than all the other PDF editors in the list; you can turn your collected form data into a professional-looking and well designed PDF Document and make the necessary edits on the document as you please.

For businesses that collect data frequently and trying to convert the data manually to PDF documents for a client or internal communication, JotForm PDF Editor will be the ultimate helping hand by streamlining the process.

JotForm Features

Design: You can be the designer of your PDF document with the design features that JotForm PDF Editor offers, formatting, images, colouring and many more.

100+ Templates: If you are looking for a readily-made template and not looking to create the entire document from scratch, you can just select the best PDF template from 500+ PDF templates JotForm offers and edit that template as you wish.

Automate: You can turn your collected form data into PDF documents in an automated fashion.

Password Protection: The PDF documents can be password protected.

Fillable PDFs: Build a PDF with fillable fields, somebody can fill out the fields easily using Adobe Acrobat Reader and the responses will automatically be sent to your JotForm inbox.

Electronic Signatures: You can add an electronic signature field to your PDF document making deals go down faster and safer than ever.

Functional Integrations: JotForm is known for its many integrations, you can use the integrations with Google Sheets, Dropbox, Box and many more in your PDF documents.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

A well-known name for the PDF editing software. The new available version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is completely revolutionary. Many exceptional features are added in the recent version. DC stands for Document Cloud which let you engage with your PDF anywhere and from any device. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC allows you to access your documents from your smartphone too, this makes your stuff simple. The reason for keeping this in our third best is that this software is bit advanced and require professionalism. Some features are deeply hidden. Let us quickly review Adobe Acrobat Pro DC features.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC features

Mobile as an Office: Easily accessing your PDF files right from your smartphone is one of the best ways to edit PDF. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC allows you this along with cloud support. On your smartphone, you can easily create the original signature using a tip of your finger.

Download poker games for mac. Multi-Language support: Since Adobe has its name worldwide, this is the reason it supports 21 different languages around the globe. Many professional has their text documents in other languages as they face a major problem in language-based editing. The supported language is English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, and Ukrainian.

Touch-enabled UI: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC smartly works with touch-enabled User Interface. This allows a user to access the tools at your fingertips. You can create a signature, highlight text, organize pages and lot more.

Optical Character Recognition: Easy text recognition with OCR tool. The various advancement has been added to OCR tools such as more language support, and much more.

Pricing: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is comparatively expensive and recommended for experts. The current price is $14.99/month. If you are running an organization or company then you can order in bulk by directly contacting the sales manager. You can ask them your requirements and according to that, they provide you discount.

4. PDF Architect

Another great tool for editing your PDF, its lightweight, great User Interface, flexible makes PDF Architect as a great choice. PDF Architect is the product of a well-known company PDF Forge. PDF Architect allows easy customize, secure, and collaborate your PDF documents. PDF Architect also has some of the advanced features such as OCR with are only available for top rank PDF converter and costs you high. At less price, you can enjoy many advanced features. Let us quickly review some of the best features offered by PDF Architect.

PDF Architect Feature

Great Flexibility & Lightweight software: More features means the software becomes heavy and consumes you Mac storage, as PDF Architect is very lightweight and so flexible that customize, secure, and collaborate your PDF document easily.

Security Features: As security is major concerned while keeping your document safe from others. The security feature from PDF Architect locks your PDF with a secure password which doesn’t allow anyone to edit your PDF document. This is 256 bit AES encryption which is currently the safest encryption network.

OCR: As already discussed what OCR does in your PDF. The OCR engine is very much precise and even recognize your handwritten language or poor quality content. It may be noted that you can get this feature on the top latest version of PDF Architect which is Professional+ OCR.

Other top features: It is not possible to see all the feature on one article so some other top features are e-signature, review, form, format conversion, editing, and much more.

The Best Pdf For Mac

Price: There are three plans available for PDF Architect. PDF Architect Standard costs you $49.00, PDF Architect Professional costs you $69.00, and PDF Architect Pro+ OCR costs you $89.00 for 1-year. PDF Architect Professional is most popular and the only thing which is excluding its OCR feature.

5. PDF Expert

Best Pdf Software For Mac

PDF expert is the PDF editing tool from Readdle. Less but powerful feature having an easy user interface to navigate all the tools. If we see readers reviews about PDF Expert, most readers are satisfied with the basic tools but not much for professional advanced tools. Recommended for the beginners as many advanced features such as OCR, word document conversion are missing. Let us quickly review the PDF Expert.

PDF Expert Review

Simple Text & Picture Editing: This is the reason most users choose PDF Expert. If you are not working on advanced option then this is the simplest among all with easy and quick navigation on the top.

Document sign: Easily signing your document with PDF Expert, most of the other PDF editing software have this option, signing your document becomes an essential necessity.

The Best Pdf Editor For Mac

Comprehensive annotation tools: Limited but great tools including stamps. With the inclusion of stamps, with virtual imprint user can markup document. In the previous version of PDF Element, this option was absent.

Pricing: Great price with all basic features. 1 license costs you $59.99 that works for 3 Mac. I recommend this if you use simple tools such as reducing the size, crop, merge, split, sign, edit text, adding links etc. If you are working with this then you must go for this.

Final Comments:

As if you are using PDF editor software as a professional then you must go for PDFelement from Wondershare or JotForm. These PDF editors are advanced and contain all latest features in terms of usage and for securing your PDF documents. These are comparatively expensive but worth if you are working on a larger basis. On the cheaper side, the most recommended PDF editor software you can try is Wondershare PDFelement which costs you only $89.95 for 1 PC license.

The Best Pdf Editor For Mac Free

Still, confused about choosing the right one? Go for with PDFelement. This contains all necessary features, every possible tool, you will love this software as it is easy to use and having one of the best User Interface.

The Best Pdf Converter For Mac

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