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Kodi is considered as the top best streaming platform that provides thousands of content free of cost. It is quite fun to use it unless you face failed to install a dependency on Kodi. This is the most faced problem ever as almost 40% of people end up having this issue.

Uninstalling Kodi For Macbook

Even though I was streaming my favourite Movie with this app but after closing it when I relaunch that Add-on again I end up having this problem. That’s why I start searching for this on the internet and after spending several hours searching for the fixes.

I finally came up with some of the most effective and easy fix guides to solve dependency installed failed error. This is why I would recommend you to keep reading this article until the end and follow all the methods that are provided here.

Also, make sure to keep in mind that this article will be useful for all those who are using Kodi on Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi and other supported platforms. If you have any of these devices then you are lucky so just keep reading this article.

How To Fix Failed To Install a Dependency on Kodi

Before we move to the fixed guide we need to first understand what does dependency means. So, as we already know that the Kodi is a media player that is not only usefully for play offline or locally stored content. But even though you can stream various free content like Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, News with the help of an Add-on.

These Add-ons are used to scrap links from various sources throughout the internet. However, these Add-ons doesn’t work by itself but instead, it requires to have the dependency. The Addons uses these dependencies to scrap links and in many Add-ons, there are more than 1 dependency installed.

In this case, if any one of them is not installed correctly then without any doubt you will face Failed To Install a Dependency on Kodi. This is the reason why you won’t be able to stream any content or even launch that particular Add-on.

Now as we know what is a dependency and its worth let’s just follow the given below fixes:

Clear Cache

The first method that we are going to discuss here is to clear the cache of Kodi Add-ons. By performing this it removes all download failed files, thumbnails, temp files and other files as well. These are the files that some times cause Failed To Install a Dependency.

Uninstalling Kodi For Mac Download

However, there are different ways to clear the cache so if you have an Android device or a Firestick then you can perform it directly from settings. Although for Mac and Windows users there is no way to clear cache from Settings that’s why we are going to learn both methods.

Ok, so follow below steps to clear the cache of Kodi on Firestick 4K/FireTV Cube:

  • Close all apps if running and from the Home, Screen hover to the above menu and click Settings.
  • After opening Settings just move forward and then select Applications.
  • From here just click on the ManageInstalledApps section.
  • It shows the list of all installed apps just scroll down and select the Kodi from the list.
  • After this, you just need to click on the ClearCache option.

These are some easiest steps to clear the cache on a Firestick 4K or FireTV Cube. Similarly, open Settings on Android mobiles or Android boxes and from there just clear the caches of Kodi.

This is the quick guide so if you are having any issue then follow this link to learn more: How To Clear Cache on Amazon Firestick

Clear Cache using Addon

As for the firestick, it is quite easy to clear caches although you may not find any option in any Windows, Mac, Linux or other machines. That’s the reason why we are going to use an Add-on instead and the name of this Addon is Ares Wizard.

This is the best Add-on to tweak Kodi like Clearing Caches, Delete Data, avoid Buffering and can do various other things. The installation process of Ares Wizard is long that’s why I am not going to discuss here you just need to follow this article first: Install Ares Wizard on Kodi

Once the Ares Wizard has been installed successfully just follow given below steps:

1. Launch Ares Wizard by Going to HomeScreen > Add-ons > ProgramAddons and select this from the right-hand side.

How To Install Kodi On Macbook

2. After launching you will see the loading screen for the first time and when it is done just click on the Maintenance from the above menu.

3. From the Maintenance menu you will see various options so simply click on the Delete Cach/Temp under Cache (Temporary Files).

4. It will then show the notification that the caches have been cleared just click Ok to dismiss this notification.

This will immediately delete all the temporary files stored on your device that is helpful in solving Failed to Install a Dependency on Kodi. The size of these files could be different on your system as you may already have too many Addons or Skins installed.

Also, make sure to delete the Packages and thumbnails as well because this will help in increasing the speed of Kodi. It also prevents from buffering and even though it is also helpful to clear some of the storage on your devices.


Clear Data on Kodi

Now as we cleared the cache of Kodi but still you are facing failed to install a dependency then clearing data would be the best option. Although this feature is could be also considered as the uninstalling and reinstalling but it took quite a while.

That’s why we are not going to uninstall it completely but rather we just need to use the Ares Wizard again to remove everything from Kodi. You can also use the Fresh Start method if you don’t want to use this wizard as it occupies too much space and takes 5 to 10 minutes to install.

But in case you just want to use the Uninstalling method then don’t forget to read the proper way to install Kodi on Firestick. Also, I have written another guide for you where you can update KodiGta v online hack download. to the latest version which is also helpful in fixing failed to install a dependency.

Although for those who already using Ares Wizard then simply follow given below steps:

From Home Screen on Kodi hover to the left panel and click Add-ons then open Program Add-ons and now select Ares Wizard to launch it.

Once you launch this wizard you have to wait for a few seconds until it loads the settings and when it is done just click on More from the above menu.

At this time you will see various option available there now you just need to click on the “Erase all Data/Fresh Start”.

Keep in mind that by performing this action all your Data including Settings & Add-ons will be removed. So, make sure to first create a backup before performing it or else I am not responsible for anything.
Uninstalling kodi for macbook

When you click on that button you will be asked for the confirmation then click on the Yes button to confirm.

In the next step you will see a notice where it asks you to choose the files that you want to keep like Favourite, Source, or Addon Settings. When you choose what you want to keep then just click on the Proceed button.


Now it will take a few minutes to complete the task and once it is done everything will be removed from Kodi. Even though this will remove Ares Wizard as well so you just need to start it from the scratch and you need to install all Add-ons again.

Also, if you want to get the best and working method then you can simply follow given below articles. It provides you with IPTV, Free Movies, Cricket, News and many more.

Remove & Repair Database

In case you don’t want to remove or lose your Settings or Add-ons data then I would rather recommend you to repair your Database. A database on Kodi is a file that holds the Settings, Add-on profiles and some other things as well.

So, if the database of Kodi is corrupt then you will surely face many problems like add-on install failure, failed to install a dependency, and so on. The best part is this app doesn’t rely on it completely so we still have an option to repair it.

Ok, so let’s just follow the given below steps to repair Kodi database:

Launch Kodi on Firestick 4K, or any other device you are using and then select Settings from left panel.

After entering into Settings just go to the FileManager section.

It shows the list of all added source so simply open ProfileDirectory folder from the left section.

From the next screen, you will see all the folders there and from here open Database.

After opening it hover to “Addons27.db” and then open the menu by right-clicking on computer or press and hold select button on TVs.

When the menu appears there just click on the Delete button.

After this, you will be asked for the confirmation then select Yes.

That’s it now just close the Kodi and don’t open it for a few minutes. After this just relaunch Kodi and then try to install the Add-on where you were facing failed to install a dependency error. I am 90% sure you will be able to install it now and if that’s the case you can simply leave this guide here.

When deleting or repairing Database it disables all the Addons installed on it so you just need to enable it again by going to Settings > Add-ons > My Addons.

Install Dependency Manually on Kodi

If following all the above methods you are still having the same problem then the only option left is to install dependency manually. This is the best method where you won’t lose your data or have to follow various steps all over again.

In this section, we are going to install TVAdd-ons and also URL Resolver and Metahandler as well. These are few dependencies that are used to keep every Add-on working.

To install dependency manually on Kodi you need to follow given below steps:

Open Kodi on your device and then from the Home Screen click on the Settings located near the Power button.

After this go to the System Settings.

At this time hover to the Add-ons from left-panel and then click on UnknownSources from the right-hand side.

Uninstalling Kodi For Mac

When you enable it a confirmation window will appear there now click Yes to confirm it.

After the Unknown Source has been enabled just go back to Settings and now select FileManager from there.

Now you need to click on the AddSource from the left or right menu.

It will then open a menu there so now select None-.

This will ask for the source URL address just type http://fusion.tvaddons.co and then click Ok to save it.

From the next window, you will be asked for the name of that source so type anything you want like in my case it is Fusion.

At this just click on the Ok button to save the Source.

When the Source is added in that screen just go back to the Home Screen and now select Add-ons from left-panel.

After going there you need to click on the PackageInstaller or the Box icon.

Now from the next screen, you need to open Install from Zip File.

It will open a window with various folders then find the name that you typed in step 9. (Fusion)

When you click on it you will see various other folders appear and from there select Kodi-repos.


From the next screen open folder labelled as English.

It shows the list of all available Kodi repositories and then you just need to select repository.xbmchub-x.x.x.zip. (x.x.x is the version number that could be different).

Just wait for a while until you see the notification “TVAddons.Co Add-on repo installed” on the top right-hand side.

The TVAddon has been installed but still, we need to install some other dependencies that are used for scrapping links like URLResolver and Metahandler.

Just follow the given below steps carefully:

1. Open Add-ons > Package Installer > Install From Zip file and choose Fusion from the list.

2. After this open Kodiscripts from the next screen.

3. It will show the list of scripts available just make sure to install both scripts one by one.

The scripted will take only a few seconds as these are of a few KBs only. When you complete installing them just make sure to install that Add-on again where you were facing failed to install a dependency error.


These are the possible ways to fix failed to install a dependency on Kodi as I have already tested them before posting it here. It is highly recommended to follow all the methods in case if one is not working because everyone has a different problem.

By following all the steps you will be able to fix that problem and then start installing your favourite Add-on again. However, if nothing works then it is better to just uninstall Kodi and then reinstall it because it deletes all data and fixes all corrupt files as well.

Furthermore, if you are using any 3rd-party Addon then make sure to use the VPN along with. It will help you to keep yourself hidden and safe from malicious or phishing attacks. Make sure to get the best VPN that supports Kodi as most of them won’t work on it.

Just in case if you are having any issue or want to ask any question then feel free to let me know in the comment section. Your suggestions are also appreciated so don’t hesitate to write your precious words about how much you love this article.

Kodi is a cross-platform open-source media player that opens a variety of files like music, videos, podcasts, and photos. The formerly known XBMC (Xbox Media Center) offers much customization for your streaming experience and viewing capabilities from other sites like Amazon, YouTube and Spotify.

How to remove Kodi from Mac

If you already have the application on your Mac, you can opt to remove it. Here is a short guide on how to completely remove Kodi from Mac.

  • Go to Application folder in the Finder
  • Move Kodi app to Trash by long-pressing and dragging
  • Next step is to remove all service files of application left on your Mac hard drive.
  • Go to the hidden Library folder.
  • Check subfolders of the Kodi application

~/Library/Application Support/




  • Click Kodi Uninstall

Kodi delete using applications remover

  • You can use professional removal tools e.g. App Cleaner & Uninstaller. These will need another install but can guarantee total removal of the Kodi app.
  • Follow the next steps to uninstall Kodi with the uninstalling tool provided by the uninstaller you have chosen.
  • Run the program to start scanning the Application folder.
  • Find Kodi from the list of applications
  • Select Kodi
  • Click the Remove button.

Here is a guide on how to download Kodi on Mac

  • You go to your Safari web browser and search Kodi. From the search results download Kodi.
  • When the download is completed, drag the Kodi icon into your Applications folder. This enables you to install Kodi on your Mac.
  • Open the Kodi application. There may be challenges when doing this depending on your Gatekeeper settings. Normally, a message showing you that Kodi “can’t be opened due to being sourced from an unidentified developer will surface. You troubleshoot this by right-clicking (CMD + click)
  • Go back to Kodi app and Open it. This should override the unidentified developer blocking feature.
  • If this short cut proves difficult, go to your Security & Privacy section of System Preferences.
  • Choose “Allow applications downloaded from:” Then Select “Anywhere”.
  • This should allow Kodi to open, and you can enjoy streaming, playing videos, music or listen to podcasts.

There you have it a complete guide on how to install Kodi on your Mac. After installation of Kodi, it’s important to return back and return your security settings to prohibit further undisclosed applications form installation. Kodi can be installed in other iOS devices and still deliver the same high-quality performance.