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Elevate your workflow with the Windridge City asset from Unity Technologies. Find this & other Roadways options on the Unity Asset Store. 2018.2.12 or higher. 対応する Unity version. 推奨バージョン Unity-2019.4 LTS (Recommended) その他のバージョンは Unityのバージョン を参照してください。 UniVRM supports Unity-2018.4 and above.

  1. JOIN DISCORD: everyone! This should be the beginning of a new series! - how to create a video game for Android devices using Uni.
  2. The patcher supports multiple versions of Unity. Versions can be specified by passing the -v= or -version= command line argument. For instance, if you want to patch Unity version 2020.1 on Windows, you'd run: patcher.exe -windows -version=2020.1 -t=dark Currently, the following OS and Unity version combinations are supported.

Release notes

Unity 2018.2.8f1_ae1180820377


2018.2.8f1Unity 2018 2 8
  • (1071483 (1062852)) - Android: Fixed crash when returning null string from Java plugin.
  • (1065609) - Asset Import: Fixed renaming or changing the namespace containing a scripted importer breaking the auto-reimport mechanism.
  • (1073894) - Editor: Fixed an issue where launching Unity via Hub invalidates existing login for direct launchers.
  • (1075850) - Graphics: Fixed main thread stall deleting temporary render targets after calling ConvertTexture() from script.
  • (1076208) - Graphics: Fixed crash in intensive rendering scenes when using legacy graphics jobs.
  • (1061224) - Graphics: Fixed crash in MinMaxAABB::MinMaxAABB when Legacy Deferred Render Path is used.
  • (1033188) - Graphics: Fixed RGBA16 having swapped red/blue channels.
  • (1075574 (1070347)) - Graphics: Fixed issue where Camera FOV cannot be set to a value lower than 1.
  • (1041458) - OSX: Fixed an issue where MacOS player would not go into correct screen mode when Command+F is pressed.
  • (1074390 (1058082)) - Physics: Fixed issue where colliders without physics material don't return correct default material in Physics Settings.
  • (1074389 (1009394)) - Physics: Fixed wrong UV returned in Raycast result when raycasting to a mesh collider that has negative scale.
  • (1074384 (1005564)) - Physics: Fixed issue where transform to CharacterController in OnControllerColliderHit is ignored.
  • (1074376) - Physics: Fixed an issue where some Physics Settings are not reset upon request.
  • (1074374 (1024453)) - Physics: Fixed issue where mass properties are not correctly updated when changing collider scale.
  • (1074373 (1048878)) - Physics: Fixed a crash when user sets a very small size to Terrain data.
  • (1066072 (1059467)) - Physics: Fixed an issue where kinematic bodies may not follow transform change after setting its postion after setting their position or rotation via Transform component.
  • (1074312) - Scene Management: Fixed crash in LightmapSettingsManager.CheckSettingsConsistency when calling UnloadSceneAsync right after a LoadScene(SingleMode).
  • (1052766) - Scene/Game View: Fixed issue where specifying frustum view point would actually use it as base for the near plane.
  • (1073275) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed hang when disconnecting while reading/writing on a SslStream.
  • (1060892) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when entering playmode on OSX.
  • (1062208) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed Android Runtime test instability.
  • (1059122) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed an issue where UnsafeUtility.GetFieldOffset could return 0 when the type is not initialized.
  • (1065895) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when DynamicMethod is constructed into non-dynamic image.
  • (1069236) - Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash when using unmanaged constraint.
  • (966667) - UI: Fixed Chinesse bolded Arial font style looks wide in Editor.
  • (983200) - UI: Fixed spacing between characters is lost and text is stretched with bold font selected when built on certain platforms.

Revision: ae1180820377

Unity 2018 3

Release notes



  • (1002004) - 2D: Fixed specific set of sprites being packed non-optimaly in sprite packer.
  • (1019559) - 2D: Fixed sprite indexing is rearranged in Atlas when switching platforms while having platform-dependent settings.
  • (1048806) - Android: Fixed errors being spammed in console when android JDK/SDK is not configured.
  • (1035960) - Asset Import: Fix for regression where the editor could crash when opened with assets missing a .meta file.
  • (1021955) - Editor: Fix Editor Hangs when encountering exceptions or errors in BatchMode.
  • (974240) - GI: Fix a hash collision for identical meshes in two or more additively loaded scenes.
  • (1032881(1027003)) - Graphics: Build crashes when using Shader Preloading on Metal.
  • (1047286) - IL2CPP: Fixed IL2CPP crashing if it encountered a managed .winmd file that has async method in a public type.
  • (1047267) - IL2CPP: Fix IL2CPP build failing if any managed assembly contains a delegate type that doesn't have BeginInvoke or EndInvoke methods.
  • (850163) - IL2CPP: Allow managed stack traces to work on the iOS App Store when an application is submitted with bitcode.
  • (1023820) - Kernel: Fix crash when existing playmode after loading a scene from an asset bundle opened using LoadFromStream API.
  • (None) - Kernel: Fix incorrect triggering of Assert 'Multiple dependency jobs should not be in ScheduleDependencies'.
  • (954315) - Mobile Rendering: Improved mobile rendering performance.
  • (1035015) - Scripting: Scripting: Fix SystemInfo.SupportsTextureFormat crash when called with obsolete enum value.
  • (1028089(1025186)) - Scripting: Editor with custom theme crashes when closing with WinScreenSetup::SetWindow.
  • (978369) - Universal Windows Platform: Fixed TouchScreenKeyboard not working when running on Xbox One.
  • (1040951(1002426)) - Video: Fix Distorted audio on OSX.
  • (1025120) - Windows Standalone: Fixed issue #1025120 that caused setting Screen.fullScreenMode to not work properly on Windows.
  • (None) - XR: Fixes an issue with Oculus GO apps where closing from oculus Home then relaunching the app resulted in a black screen.

Unity 2018 2 825


Unity 2018.2.8f1

Revision: 26051d4de9e9