Which Undertale Soul Are You Quiz

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  1. Undertale is a choice-influenced RPG game made by Toby Fox. The game involves your character's soul, who falls into the underground and his journey back to the world. On the way, you find various monsters, and your choice to spare them or kill them decides how your soul will become. The quiz guesses which soul you will be. Take it and find out!
  2. Today is the day I find out which Undertale Soul I am! Find out yourself here - If it doesn'.
  3. Ever wonder what your Undertale SOUL trait is? Well, you're in luck! This is my first quiz, so sorry if it sucks!
  4. What soul you Wish you where: Perserverance Quiz 1: Perserverance (I tried not to pick the ones i knew but Next quiz) Quiz 2: Kindness (That one came out of left feild).
Which Undertale Soul Are You Quiz
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Which undertale soul are you quiz

Undertale Quiz Quotev

If you saw the word 'Undertale' and clicked, you must be a big fan of the show, like me! If the answer is yes, you probably strongly identify with one of the characters. See if you're the character you like most, or get a surprise! Try this test now and find out which Undertale character you're most like!

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