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Forever and Ever is a mod for DDLC, where you have an eternal date with Sayori. Here you can not only talk with each other but also even play games. If you're looking for a 'Sayori After Story'/'Just Sayori' mod, you are in the right place.

Just Yuri After Story

Build 1.1 - First Release - Download here Build 1.2 - Second Release - Download here. Portal 2 - Pusher - The Story Of Logan v.2.0 - Game mod - Download. The file Pusher - The Story Of Logan v.2.0 is a modification for Portal 2, a(n) puzzle game. Download for free. File type Game mod. File size 201.7 MB. Last update Sunday, December 13, 2015. Downloads (7 days) 3.

In spite of high similarity to Monika After Story and Just Yuri, it has some unique features, such as showing poems, multi-language interface (English, Russian, Spanish and Esperanto), rich face and body expression system and so on. I tried my best to show the Sayori's personality in the fullest and most conforming to the mod concept way as well as to make this mod neat and interesting.


I hope you'll enjoy this mod and won't skip new updates for it. You can also visit the mod's GitHub Repository to contribute the project or see its source code or README & Credits. Samsung ssd cloning software for mac. Don't forget to visit the repo or download link to check for updates!

Just Yuri Mod Download

Reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/DDLCMods/comments/ckok5o/forever_and_ever_a_maslike_mod_for_sayori_main/
Github link: https://github.com/AlexanDDOS/fae-mod


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Ddlc Yuri After Story Mod Download

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